29 weeks ♥

So excited to be in my third trimester. Feeling pregnant EVERYDAY now. :) When we went to the doctor's on Tuesday, we had an amazing short visit. :] They didn't have to take an blood which is awesome, my blood pressure was 104/55 (which is really good for a pregnant person because it's suppose to be low), my glucose tolerance came back good so no gestational diabetes, I've only gained 13 pounds since the start of my pregnancy, and Lizzie's heart rate was 140 which is really good. :] So mommy and daddy are all smiles. I have to start doing kick counts which is where you lie down for an hour and try to feel how many times the baby moves. The baby should move atleast 4 times. Everytime I have done it she moves more than 4 in a matter of minutes. :] I'm so grateful that this pregnancy has been going so amazingly. I know I have alot of outside stress but it's nice to know something is going right.

Plus, my hubby had something great happen with work. I'm so happy for him. Plus when he got his promotion he got a $1,000 raise. So we went to Yuki last night to celebrate. :] I love him and I'm so grateful for him. He also made me breakfast this morning. ♥

So all-in-all it was great week. I have alot I have to get done before Lizzie's born and I'm so excited fo the showers coming up! I have two; one is Oct 23rd and the other is Oct 24th. Plus, I got a free $10 gift card from Babies-R-Us. :] YAY! So that's about it for this week's update. ♥

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