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So I am very excited to announce we are officially registering tomorrow. As in, we are actually going to Target and making sure we have everything we need on the registry. I've registered for a few things online, in fact, I registered for a 4-in-1 convertible crib, two changing tables(why 2, I have no idea), a dresser, and a glider with ottoman and someone bought them! (1)My MIL got a changing table and crib with a mattress for around $150 from a consignment shop but if it turns out someone did buy the others, I'd like to keep the new ones so they can be a whole set, plus they are cherry and wouldn't match. The thing is, I have no idea who would have done such a nice and generous thing. Not saying I don't know people who would want to do something like that, it's just the combination of having the money to do it too. lol If my MIL doesn't want to keep the crib/changing table we can sell it to this up and coming consignment shop that is so cute and looking for more stuff to sell, it's called: Once Again Consignment Boutique. But we will see what to do after we have the showers. This whole idea was per my MIL, just so everyone knows.

So far we have a few things already. My MIL bought me this awesome stroller that fits the car seat my boss gave me perfectly, it's the kind of stroller that the car seat goes into but when they get older it is also a regular stroller. I think it's called a travel system. (2)We also have 8 AVENT naturally bottles my boss gave me. These sell for $12 brand new. As you can see they need new nipples. We have a swing that my boss gave us and I checked it tonight and it works!!! :] (3)We also have a ton of 0-3 month clothing that will be in season for her when she comes. I need to check out what I have for 3-6 months but I know I have a good amount of that too. I just don't know if it's in season and the condition of it. I have a car seat with two bases and a bouncer my boss gave me, baby monitors my aunt gave me, and a bassinet my MIL bought me. So I'm very excited.

(4)We have also picked out her nursery design. It's pink and brown polk-a-dots. They sell it at Babies-R-Us for $199 but we GOT it from Katia's Kloset Consignment Boutique for only $99. It's a 9 piece set which includes: Comforter, Bumper, Fitted Sheet, Skirt, 2 Window Valances, Diaper Stacker, Toy Bag, and Decorative Pillow. As you can see the crib and changing table in the picture is cherry and the paint is the same color her room already is, so everything will match PEFECTLY! :] My MIL knows the owner, that's how she found it!

I'm so grateful for everything my MIL has done for us. She has been so amazing and I don't know what I would do without her.

I'm so very excited for this baby to come and getting the nursery ready for her. I worked alot on clearing out the room for her this weekend. I think we might want to invest in a ceiling fan for that room earlier because it gets HOT working in there. I can't wait for the showers! I know my mom, sister, & aunt(in Buford) are throwing me one and my MIL & Sisters-in-law (in McDonough) are also throwing me one. If you want to come to one or the other, go over to facebook and send me message with your address letting me know which one. I don't know if my dad's side is throwing me one. I guess I'll find out Saturday at the family reunion.

I think that's about it for this post. I'll post more updates soon! :]

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