Just Call Her Snaggle Tooth {Wordless Wednesday LINKY}

This past week my husband was on vacation from work so we decided very last minute to head to Cloudland Canyon State Park and go camping/hiking. It was a lot of fun that will get into more later, but it is a three hour drive up there. On the way home, we almost didn't give ourselves enough time to take my daughter to her dentist appointment where she had to get sealants on her back teeth. One of her front teeth had already been injured and then a boy at school accidentally knocked it loose so I wanted to get it checked out as well. Both top teeth were VERY loose, so they asked her if she wanted them to take the teeth out...

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What to Do When Your Child Injures a Tooth

What to Do When Your Child Injures a Tooth
Whether your child is an unsteady toddler or an active teenager fond of taking crazy risks, there is a chance they will have a fall that can break or damage teeth. If your child has broken a tooth, treatment will depend on whether it is a baby tooth or permanent tooth, and whether it has been completely knocked out or simply damaged.

A Bright & Healthy Smile from Firefly is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer! #HGG2015

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I don't know about you, but my mother-in-law started a tradition that I just love with her children and that I have passed down with my children. And that is getting a toothbrush in your stocking. I don't know why I loved this idea so much. Yes, my kids get toothbrushes at the dentist, but there are so many cooler options out there. That's why I am loving Firefly Toothbrushes.

While instilling healthy oral care habits in children can be a brush battle to begin with, getting kids to brush for the recommended amount of time after holidays full of delicious food can be extremely challenging for parents. Firefly is the leader in children’s oral care solutions and offers fun toothbrushes in bright colors, with flashing lights and favorite characters that turn brush time into playtime!