Proof of Engagement

Depending on your needs, Here are some of my stats as far as my engagement rates go. Although I may have smaller numbers, I tend to have a very high engagement rate.

Here is my analytics for a Linqia campaign where the goal was to get click throughs for people to download the coupon. I only got paid per each click I received. Clearly the campaign did better when the post was first posted, but still trickled in for some time.

Below you will find an example of my Instagram Analytics. The goal of the products featured were to be mentioned in an Easter gift guide, but I took them and made a unique basket that many of my readers benefitted from and even saved.

And depending on the retail value of the prize, my giveaways average about 12,000 entries! I can also provide stats for this as well. I have had sponsors ask for emails and as long as it is agreed upon before hand, then I can provide these as well.

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