Working Moms: 5 Tips for Your First Toronto Business Trip

Being a working mom is no small feat by any stretch of the imagination. You learn to wear many hats, including wife, mother, friend, and colleague. Balancing strategy meetings with the madness of raising toddlers is an exceptional skill developed over time.

Working Moms: 5 Tips for Your First Toronto Business Trip

Your first business trip to Toronto will be daunting. Mastering a successful career and a busy home life are tricky elements for businesswomen.

To help ease your tension and anxiety so you can focus on achieving both your career and mom goals, follow these five tips below:

1. Prepare The Kids

If your kids are toddlers, they will likely need more time to understand time. That does not mean you should announce your business trip at the last minute. Give your kids a few days to adjust to the idea.

An easy way to help them understand is to let them know that you will be away for x number of nights of sleep and then be back. The key is to downplay the duration of your trip, no matter how long you will be away.

2. Short Goodbyes

Mommy guilt is a genuine feeling, and most working moms experience it at various times in their careers.

Multiple studies have shown that working mothers are likelier to raise successful daughters and empathetic sons. Remember that your children pick up on your emotions, so if you are feeling guilty, they will feel that.

To minimize guilt trips, keep the goodbyes short.

Thanks to modern technology, you can use FaceTime with your kids at least once daily to stay connected. If you overplay the goodbyes, your kids will be more affected.

3. Find Inviting Accommodation

Find corporate rentals for short-term stays in Toronto. They will make you feel more at home than in a hotel room.

Corporate rentals can be your “home away from home.” Business travelers can enjoy the comforts of home, including a living room to relax in and a kitchen to prepare home- cooked meals.

These homes are specifically designed to meet the needs of business travelers looking for temporary, longer-term accommodation.

This homely environment reduces the stress associated with business travel. 

4. Routines

When you are away, stick to your routines to keep things as normal as possible for you and your kids.

If you read them a bedtime story at night, do not let a few hundred miles change that. As far as possible, and where time zones allow, keep doing the same things each night. Children need routines to feel safe, so you have nothing to worry about if they have those.

5. Stay Healthy

Take extra precautions during travel to stay healthy and energized on your next trip. While you cannot control the air around you, you can control the germs and bacteria you bring to your face with your hands.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, as they are all entry points for germs. Apart from that, stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods while away. The last thing any mom wants is to come home from a business trip and make her family sick.

To End

Your family’s ability to function well with a traveling mom will be primarily linked to your attitudes.

To keep everything going smoothly, follow these five simple tips above.

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