Hosting A Kid-Friendly Outdoor Birthday Party: Portable Restroom Essentials

A child's birthday party is an event of joy, laughter, and memories to be cherished for years. Opting for an outdoor venue amplifies the fun and allows for a host of creative party ideas. However, organizing an outdoor party for children comes with its own set of challenges, and among the most crucial is ensuring convenient and hygienic restroom facilities. As it turns out, portable restrooms can be your best friend in such a scenario.

Hosting A Kid-Friendly Outdoor Birthday Party: Portable Restroom Essentials

In this post, we'll explore the essential pointers to consider when integrating portable restrooms into your outdoor birthday bash.

1. Prioritize Sanitation and Hygiene

First and foremost, hygiene should be your topmost concern when renting a portable restroom. With kids around, you can't risk unsanitary conditions. Companies like AAWSI services are renowned for maintaining high cleanliness standards.

Ensure that the restroom is stocked with hand sanitizers, soap, and tissue. For added measure, you can also keep wipes and disinfectant sprays on hand. This will not only ensure the safety of the little ones but also provide peace of mind to the parents.

2. Opt for Restrooms with Baby Changing Stations

With an audience as young as toddlers or even infants, restrooms with baby changing stations can be a lifesaver. It offers a convenient spot for parents to change diapers, ensuring they don’t have to improvise or search for secluded areas. This addition will surely earn you brownie points among the parent community.

3. Think About Accessibility

When you're expecting a bunch of little attendees, the ease of access becomes critical. Opt for restrooms that aren't too tall or difficult to step into. If possible, choose models that come with small steps or ramps.

Also, consider the location; placing them too far might discourage the kids from using them, so ensure they're within a short walking distance but away from main party areas.

4. Choose A Family-Friendly Design

Gone are the days when portable restrooms were plain and uninviting. Today, there are several designs, some even themed, which can blend in seamlessly with your party's aesthetic. For a kid-friendly setting, consider restrooms painted in vibrant colors or ones adorned with fun graphics. The more appealing they look, the more comfortable children will be in using them.

5. Ensure Regular Cleaning

Given the nature of kids and how unpredictable they can be, you might want to arrange for regular cleaning during the event, especially if it's a long one.

This ensures that the facilities remain fresh and inviting throughout the party. Many service providers offer on-site attendants who can ensure the cleanliness and stocking of the restrooms.

6. Take into Account the Number of Restrooms

This point cannot be stressed enough. Depending on the number of guests, ensure that there are sufficient restrooms available. A general rule of thumb is to have at least one restroom for every 25 guests.

However, with children, it's wise to have a few extras as they might be occupied for longer durations.

7. Safety First

Ensure that the portable restrooms you choose are stable and cannot be easily toppled over. Additionally, if they come with locks, ensure they're easy to use and child-friendly. The last thing you'd want is a child getting locked inside. As a precaution, you could even assign an adult or older child to assist younger ones.

8. Consider Additional Amenities

While not strictly essential, additional amenities can make the restroom experience far more comfortable. This could include mirrors, sinks with running water, and even interior lighting if the party is expected to continue into the evening.

9. Clear Signage

It’s a good idea to have clear signage pointing towards the restrooms, especially if your party is spread out over a large area. Fun, playful signs can make the mundane task of going to the restroom a mini-adventure for the little ones!

10. Be Mindful of the Environment

While focusing on convenience, also consider the environmental impact. Opt for service providers who offer eco-friendly solutions. This could mean using water-saving flush systems, biodegradable products, and ensuring proper waste disposal.


An outdoor birthday party for kids is all about creating magical memories. By paying attention to the restroom essentials, you ensure that even the most mundane aspects of the party are taken care of, allowing the kids and their parents to focus solely on the fun.

Remember, it's the little details that often make the biggest difference, and with the right planning, your party can be a resounding success!

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