How to Make Sure Your Children Get Enough Exercise

Exercise is very important for children. In fact, they need to be getting around an hour a day, and unfortunately, most kids are not getting this. This may cause many problems and can even lead to becoming overweight or even obese. The health consequences of this, not to mention the psychological effects, are well-known and numerous, and it is a problem that rises as the child grows into adolescence. So, it is important that you find ways to ensure your children get enough exercise. This blog is designed to help you find those ways; take a look below:

How to Make Sure Your Children Get Enough Exercise

Be a Role Model
If you want your children to exercise more, then it helps if you show them the ropes. That means you need to put on those joggers and get out there. By displaying a healthy lifestyle, it makes it far easier to advise your child to exercise. Leading by example is always a great strategy. Maybe you can get them to join in with you. Good and healthy life habits start with you. So, reorganize your life to develop a healthy exercise regime.

Discover Their Sports Preferences
Enrolling your child in a sports class is a great way to ensure that they are getting some exercise. But you need to make sure it is the right class. Make them do something they hate, and you could be making things worse - which is the last thing you want to do. So, talk to your child, notice what they watch on television, and who are their sports icons. Maybe they would love to get involved in kids brazilian jiu jitsu classes or ballet. Getting them interested in physical activity is all about playing to their likes and strengths.

Family Activities
When you have family time, make this a time to exercise together. It doesn't have to be so apparent as going for a jog. But do something physical like taking a walk around the countryside or going swimming or cycling. Maybe you can even get interested in kayaking. Remember, the more you do together, the better it is for you too. So, find activities you can all enjoy together and make it fun. It will help you bond, create memories, and have a good time.

Minimize Screen Time
Let's face up to reality; screen time is like a modern plague affecting all our kids. So, you need to minimize screen time by imposing limits. It is very easy for a child to become addicted to their screens, and maybe even impossible to avoid. You have to try and make other things in life better. Try and create activities for free time that you can all do together. If possible, walk to a shop together to buy some vegetables for dinner, or play tag in the garden. Try and take their minds off their phones or other devices for as long as possible. Ban phones at the dinner table and talk to them. The less time they spend staring at their phones, the better.

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