Coping Methods for Children Who Struggle with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is when someone has a powerful fear of certain group situations and activities. Children who have this condition experience anxiety in a number of social situations, such as play dates, playing in sports, after school activities, and large family gatherings. It also affects their performance at school, as they fear reading out loud or speaking in front of the class.

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As a result, these children are affected academically and socially, and they end up avoiding many things because they are afraid of embarrassment or being made fun of. If your child is exhibiting symptoms of social anxiety, fortunately, there are coping strategies, such as over the counter meds for ADHD child, to help him or her through it.

Practice Healthy Communication
Children with social anxiety benefit from positive communication. To help them cope with various social situations, practice communicating with them. Communication does not always refer to verbal speaking, so start with showing your child how to act in social situations, such as making eye contact with others and having a relaxed posture. If your child has a presentation coming up, have him or her practice alone, in front of you, and in front of a mirror.

Also, it helps to teach social anxious children how to assert themselves by asking or saying directly what they want. This includes advocating for themselves without apologizing.

Improve Their Self Esteem
Children who suffer from social anxiety usually have low self-esteem, as they have negative thoughts and beliefs. Teaching them how to communicate confidently is one way to change their thought patterns.

Another way to improve your child's self-esteem is to nurture positive thoughts and change how the emotions are perceived. If your child's heart races quickly due to anxiety, say that it is because of excitement, rather than fear. Praise your child when there is a good grade for a speech or other anxiety-causing event, and encourage whenever possible.

Teach Calming Techniques
It is challenging to teach coping strategies due to the physical reactions that anxiety causes. Teaching your child relaxation methods will help. Although there are calming remedies available on the shelves, it is important to note that there are calm magnesium powder side effects. Read labels carefully to avoid artificial ingredients, and focus on techniques such as muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and guided imagery. It may help to engage a therapist to get started.

Homeopathic Remedies
There is prescription medication available for children with social anxiety. However, they come with unwanted, and sometimes serious, side effects. As an alternative, search for the best over the counter meds for ADHD child, as these often also address anxiety. These homeopathic medications are made with natural ingredients and do not have dangerous side effects. They also work with your body and brain to help them function more effectively. As a result, these meds do not require a doctor's order and are available online.

Social anxiety can be crippling for children. However, there are ways to reduce its effect and help your child live a normal life.

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