Types of Shoes Everyone Should Own

A great pair of shoes can make or destroy an outfit in seconds. They are the epitome of accessories, the cherry on top of any outfit, and occasionally, they might even be more crucial than your actual clothing.

Shoes are the perfect investment since, with proper care, you may wear them for a very long time. You only need a few pieces you can wear with a wide range of outfits; you don't need a million possibilities.

You can choose timeless alternatives that you'll be equally delighted to wear when you pull them out of storage in the coming months if you forgo fast fashion and fashionable pairings.

With this list below, you may create the ideal shoe capsule wardrobe and never feel the urge to buy more.


A pair of timeless white sneakers can add style, polish, and ease to any ensemble. They go with almost everything and can be worn all year round. Once you find a pair you adore, it will be difficult to wear any other pair.

Everyone needs a pair of sneakers that have a relaxed vibe but maintain a tidy sense of elegance.

Almost any outfit looks good with a basic pair of sneakers. Choose one of the finest picks, and enjoy wearing it with parachute pants, shorts, chinos, or even jeans. Maybe not parachute pants, though. But anything else is up for grabs.


Combat boots are the one piece of clothing that needs no justification. They are a timeless classic that gained popularity in the 1960s thanks to a peculiar pair of bright orange boots worn by The Clash, a band that was then the biggest thing on the planet.

The Great Escape, one of the greatest war movies of all time, adopted a realistic style, and when you "pair" that with that, you have a fashion accessory that runways and design houses over the world have since immortalized.

The combat boot was propelled into fame and popularity, but it has only remained one of the most flexible and investment-worthy fashion items on and off the runway.


Oxford shoes are a staple of men's footwear, but they have also started to appear in women's designs.

Oxford shoes are distinguished by their distinctive closed-lace design.

Among all options, this is the one that is chosen the most frequently. It is a toe cap, as the name implies; the distinguishing feature is an additional leather component. A heel cap is also included on them.

They come in various colors, including navy blue, crimson, wine, brown, tan, and cognac, but black is always regarded as the pinnacle.

Women's Sadie Oxford Shoes from Eastland have a two-tone leather top with a perforated overlay. These shoes include an EVA outsole, which provides exceptional comfort for your feet and helps keep them relaxed.

They include a round toe, a cushioned footbed, and a soft lining, making them perfect for all-day wear. Additionally, these shoes feature a lace-up clasp to ensure a snug fit.


The traditional penny loafer has been in style for over 80 years and is suitable for both men and women. These cozy slip-on shoes are so adaptable that you may use them with skirts, dresses, shorts, and even jeans!

They are a mainstay in my closet and can be found in boardrooms and schools worldwide and in all different cultures.


Nude heels offer you the appearance of longer legs because they are near in color to your skin tone, which is one of its nicest features. A pair of nude heels can remain fashionable for a very long time because they are a neutral color, so you will definitely get your money's worth.

Try a simple nude pump if you're searching for something that will last a very long time and go with any style.


The truth is that Birkenstock has consistently prioritized good foot support and comfort over current trends in fashion. Nobody wants to walk in uncomfortably unhealthy shoes. Therefore, this strategy makes the brand appealing and raises it above average.

Even if you spend most of your day moving around, the Birkenstock footbed is suitable despite the high curves in the footbed that require some getting used to. You won't desire any other shoes after wearing Birkenstock ones.
For sensitive ankles or senior citizens, wearing additional support can be the safest option if you are uncomfortable with only shoe soles.

Additionally, ankle support can help you maintain a stable balance posture. For such support, check out our best ankle brace here, where you can compare and choose the best option available.


We virtually count down the days until we can regularly don open-toed footwear, and this season, the strappy sandal is all the rage. The strappy sandal is a staple, despite summer shoe fads coming and going.

It can take various forms; some people enjoy the appearance of gladiator sandals with straps that cross the footbed, while others prefer the look of sandals with laces that go all the way up the leg.

Whatever the case, strappy sandals are unquestionably fashionable and should be a staple of your summer collection.


Women's high-statement heels are the ideal way to dress up any outfit and add glitz and panache. A lady can look better, walk more gracefully, and improve her posture by wearing heels, from kitten heels to stilettos to 4.5 inch platform heels.

There are numerous heel options, allowing women a wide range from which to choose their favorite. Heels are a terrific way to dress up any wardrobe and posture, whether it be business attire, party attire, job attire, or other attire.


Your best buddy is a pair of sporty, casual sneakers for running errands, walking the dog, and weekends when you don't change out of your hoodie and leggings.

Fortunately for us, sportier sneakers are just as fashionable as the other nine shoes on our list and aren't as difficult to see in as they were in middle school. Choose whatever makes your heart sing—colorful, neutral, or patterned.


With every new shoe style you add to your collection, your sense of style and capacity for versatility with your clothing will significantly improve.

Additionally, anyone on their feet for the majority of the day will be able to attest to how difficult it can be, no matter what kind of footwear you have.

Our bodies are not designed to stand still for extended periods, plain and simple. So, if you are one of those with foot pain, check out our Working on Your Feet? Easy Tips to Improve Your Comfort. There are a few simple adjustments that can have an immediate impact. Try these and see which ones work best for you.

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