How To Organize A Perfect Family Movie Night

It's important for families to learn to relax and have fun together. If you want to encourage healthy habits for your children, make these moments as enjoyable as possible. Family movie nights are a great option, as they enable everyone to take a break from their busy schedules. Better still, you don't need to leave home to do it! In this article, we'll provide some helpful planning tips to ensure you create a night to remember.

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Choose The Movie

In order to ensure that everyone remains happy and engaged with the film, it's key to make it a team choice. This means sitting down with everyone and discussing what type of movie each person wants to watch, and then coming up with a joint decision. You'll need to consider factors such as age range, genre preference and what type of content is suitable for the entire family.

It may be helpful to make a list of potential movies beforehand, so the discussion can be more focused. If you come to an agreement before the day, better still. This way, you won't waste any time arguing, but can get right on with the movie. Depending on the age of your children, you may even opt for a movie marathon. Films like Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings provide a series of films that could be watched back-to-back.

Organize Some Food and Drinks

You may want to consider serving a light meal (such as sandwiches or pizza) before the movie starts, so that no one gets too hungry during the film. You can later provide a variety of snacks that will satisfy both adults and children alike. Options such as popcorn, crisps, sweets, chocolate-covered peanuts or raisins work well. The popularity of the Candy Obsession website confirms there's a market for premium quality pick and mix, especially when there's same-day processing and deliveries to any UK address. People want choices such as halal sweet pouches, vegan or vegetarian options, or products that are dairy or gluten-free.

For the drinks, have an assortment of sodas, juices or flavored waters on hand. The adults of the household may also wish to buy some beer and wine as additional options. Once you've purchased the necessary drinks and snacks, arrange them strategically around the room for easy access (along with some glasses and plates).

Prepare The Venue

Consider your family's size and make sure there's enough comfortable seating for everyone. If possible, try to find a cozy spot in your house, such as a living room or den. You could add some extra throws and cushions for maximum comfort, plus some blankets if the weather's cold. You should keep all personal electronics (such as tablets or smartphones) outside the room for the evening. This will prevent people from becoming distracted and exposing the family to sudden bright lights.

You could alternatively create an outdoor theater by setting up chairs in the garden and using a projector and projection screen. Make sure that wherever you choose has access to electrical outlets (for your TV or projector). You'll also need to keep any electrical items or connections protected from the weather. Whether you're indoors or outside, make sure you'll be undisturbed for the evening (and don't annoy your neighbors!).

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Set the Mood

Take some time to plan out a theme that everyone in the family will enjoy. It could be based on a favorite movie or TV show, or just something fun like an outer space theme. Once you've figured this out, you can search online for decorations. You'll also be able to discover recipes and ideas for themed snacks.

Candles are also a great way to create a cozy atmosphere. Look for ones in your favorite fragrance or choose those with seasonal scents. Place them around the viewing area before everyone arrives. This will provide a relaxing and inviting ambiance before everyone watches your feature presentation. Finally, make sure the candles are safely positioned, and that all flames are extinguished before you finish.

Add Some Activities and Games

Doing these before or after a movie night is a great way to make the evening more interactive, fun and exciting for the whole family. A simple quiz about the movie could be a great way to finish off your evening. Ask questions such as what the main character's name was, who directed it, or which actors were featured in it.

You could also arrange a scavenger hunt where you ask each family member to look out for specific objects that appear during the film. This way, whoever finds them first (or locates the most items) wins. Lastly, you could play bingo by making cards with different elements from the film. They could include things like characters’ names, dialogue and locations. The winner is whoever gets their card filled up first. Needless to say, you need to have some prizes on hand to increase the competition and heighten people's motivation.

Prepare For Clean Up Afterward

Once the movie's over, it's time to start the cleanup. Don't wait until the next day as that will only cause more mess and stress. Make sure all family members are involved in this process. Take out any garbage and dispose of it properly. Wipe down tables, counters, and surfaces with a cleaning solution to prevent any bacteria from growing or spreading. Vacuum or sweep floors to get rid of any popcorn kernels that might have been spilled during the night.

Put away any equipment you brought out for your movie night, and make sure everything has been returned to its original place. Finally, don’t forget to turn off all lights and electronics before going to bed.

You'll also need to check your electrical equipment in advance, to ensure that it's working correctly. It may also be worth double-checking things like DVDs so there are no glitches. Once your planning has come together, you'll be all set for an amazing evening. Your family will have the best of times watching the movie together and will be asking for another one sometime soon.

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  1. My kids love it when we do family movie night with blankets, snacks/treat, etc. Next time I'll have to up my game with some decorations and themed games!


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