5 Instagram-Approved Sweater Outfits for Women Over 35

Sweater weather is here! Cooler temperatures mean more layering, thicker fabrics, and of course, plenty of sweater outfits. Sweaters tend to be associated with casual wear and it's not uncommon to have trouble styling them in an age-appropriate yet fashionable way. As a woman over 35, you likely want to look sophisticated, modern, and on-trend. We've collected 5 Instagram-worthy outfits featuring women's sweaters to help get you inspired for the upcoming season.


1) Outwear-Inspired Sweaters

This gorgeous outfit features a jacket-shaped cut with some smart buttons down the front. These details add a hint of sophistication to a basic sweater outfit, particularly when paired with fashionable accessories like a small kitten heel and simple jewelry. You can find plenty of outer wear inspired pieces while shopping for women's sweaters to recreate your own version of this look.

2) Sweater + Skirt Combo

A fun take on a basic sweater outfit is to dress up the bottom half. Cooler weather means you'll want to opt for a longer skirt to add some warmth and coverage. You can even layer a pair of tights underneath to stay cozy beneath a long skirt. The best part of this pairing is the balance it creates between the look of a laid-back sweater and an elegant skirt. Play around with whatever shapes and colors suit your personal style while on the hunt for women's sweaters that would work well for this outfit formula.

3) A Draped Sweater

This next tip is incredibly easy to incorporate and will likely require zero shopping! Sweater outfits so often focus on the sweater itself as the hero piece, but draping your sweater over your shoulders instead is a fun twist on this assumption that essentially turns your sweater into an accessory. This preppy look will keep you looking stylish while giving you the option to layer up if you happen to get cold.

4) A Sweater Set

A list of sweater outfits wouldn't be complete without mentioning sweater sets! Nothing says put-together like a matching top and bottom. You could find a sweater set with a top and pants, but that look may be best suited for loungewear. Women's sweaters can look much more elevated when paired with a matching knit skirt set instead. This outfit formula is cozy, warm, stylish, and effortless to pull off. You really can't ask for more than that!

5) A Turtleneck Sweater Outfit

Turtleneck sweaters are a classic in every modern woman's wardrobe. They can be amazing for layering or complete all on their own when paired with a simple jean or trouser. A turtleneck is incredibly practical for the cooler seasons since the high neckline coverage offers plenty of warmth. More importantly, this style of sweaters has a more

chic look to it than a simple crew neck cut. There's just something about a well-fitted turtleneck that looks incredibly elegant despite the cozy warm fabric it's made from. Pairing your turtleneck with trousers is a perfect way to look well-dressed with very little effort. Experiment with adding your favorite colors or patterns to the mix to keep this basic outfit combination interesting.

Sweater outfits don't have to be complicated. The assortment of women's sweaters available today can be intimidating but sticking to a few vetted Instagram-inspired outfit combinations will make staying fashionable in the cooler weather simple and enjoyable!

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