Cheap Decor Ideas To Add Colour To Your Child's Room

As parents, it can be tempting to decorate our children’s rooms all by ourselves, but when your kiddies get to about 5 years old, they’ll be able to make their own decorative choice and likely want to change the look of their bedrooms.

Around this age, kids start to work out what their favourite colours are and if they don’t have that colour in their room, they may get a bit antsy. So, what can you do to add your child’s favourite colour into their bedroom to make them feel involved and engaged?

Add Coloured Metal Venetian Window Blinds
If you want to add a splash of your child’s favourite colour to their bedroom and you’re on a tight budget, then swapping pout their curtains for a set of coloured metal venetian blinds may be a good idea. These metal blinds are incredibly cheap, and you can easily find them online from as little as £10, making them a great way to add a splash of colour on a budget.

Use Colourful Rugs, Blankets & Throws
Another great way to add some splashes of your child’s favourite colour to their bedroom is by using soft furnishings like rugs and throws in the colour. Soft furnishings will add the colour needed to your child’s space, as well as providing them with a wider ranger of textures for them to explore.

Update Bed Clothes For Colourful Options
Bed clothes are a great way to introduce more of your child’s favourite colour to their bedroom, beds take up a lot of space in a room and changing their bed sheets and pillow covers for newer ones in their preferred colour will inject a lot of vibrant colour to their bedroom space.

Make DIY Wall Art With Your Child
Wall art has long been a sound way to add more colour to a space, by hanging up paintings, pictures and prints to add vibrancy. But rather than buy wall art, you can let your child paint pictures or drawings to hang up in their space, this will allow them to add whatever colours they like to the room and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see their art on display.

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