The Best Ski Resorts in Switzerland for Beginners You Should Visit this Winter

Winter is here and many people are really excited about organizing a winter break somewhere nice and warm. Also, winter is the perfect month for visiting a winter for practicing the most exciting winter sport, Skiing. As many people are going nuts for skiing and love to hit the snowy slopes, other people are not the biggest fans of this. The truth is that skiing sometimes seems a little terrifying and falling down does not seem like the funniest thing in the world. But if you are a person who loves to try new adventurous activities, this is your sign to overcome your fears and give skiing a try! There are so many beautiful places that you can travel to this winter as a beginner, but keep in mind that Switzerland offers some of the greatest ski resorts for novices like you!

Yes, the first-time skiing, you are surely going to fall in the snow, and you are going to laugh a lot, but after practicing with teachers, you will see that skiing is not that hard or dangerous, but it’s actually fun and exciting.

In case you want to try this amazing and challenging winter sport, read below and you will find out the most amazing beginner-friendly top ski resorts in Switzerland.

1. Arosa

First of all, the most beautiful beginner-friendly ski resort in Switzerland is down the road from the famous St Moritz ski resort. Arosa has many beautiful things to offer to beginners, such as nursery slopes and areas that are tailor-made for kids and for those who are trying to ski for the very first time. After you are a master at beginner zones there are many blue pistes to explore and practice your skills. Of course, this place is perfect for those who are not skiers too, because it has very easy access to the main beautiful village which has a mixture of luxury and local traditions.

2. Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Moreover, another beautiful beginner-friendly destination that can’t miss this list, is Saas-Fee in Switzerland. This place is famous for its beautiful snowy landscapes and the very relaxing atmosphere. In Saas-Fee, beginner skiers will have nothing to worry about as long as most of the pistes are specially made for beginner skiers. In case you are interested in visiting Saas-Fee this winter, you can take a look at ErnaLow and find the best accommodation option according to your needs. This resort is very famous so it can be full of people in a very short period of time.

3. Champery

Another great beginner-friendly ski resort in Switzerland is Champéry, which is actually the oldest yet prettiest resort in the country. Around the resort, there are many areas to start learning how to ski and they are near the main village. After that, you can practice your skills in an area with blue slopes. Of course, if you love nature and picturesque scenes, you will fall for this place immediately. The stunning views of the spectacular Dents du Midi Mountain will take your breath away.

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