Fun Winter Activities To Do With Your Toddlers

Read on to find out some of the best activities to do with your toddler this Winter>

Depending on where you live, Winter can be a difficult time for you and your toddler. It can get incredibly cold, and there can be a lot of rain or snow. This means that outdoor activities are limited, but you can still do a ton with your child.


Put on your son’s beanie and jacket or slip on your daughter’s girl's trainers; here are some fun Winter activities to do with your toddler.


You can create a little arts and crafts table for your toddler using a few things you can find around the house. You can use popsicle sticks to make a Winter house or pipe cleaners and cardboard to make Santa or a snowman.

Most children won't care about what's on the table; they will use their imagination to create something fun they can keep and play with.

Build a Fort

Building a fort is one of the classics when it comes to boredom-killers. You can use pillows, cushions, chairs, and blankets to make a fort in any part of your house. Forts are not only easy to make but also very safe.

Forts are also great because they can be a permanent fixture in your child's room and can be used for playing pretend and somewhere they can call their own personal space.


Sledding is probably right at the top of your activity list if you are lucky enough to get a lot of snow during winter. There will undoubtedly be dozens of hills where you live that are perfect for your toddler.

If not, and you have the time and patience, you can also make your own hills in your garden. While it will take time and effort, you won’t need to make anything huge for your child to have fun.

Snow Fort

A snow fort isn’t as hard to build as you may think. While you need to take time to compact the snow into blocks or bricks that you can use, it is similar to building a snow castle. You can compress the snow into buckets or plastic tubs and have dozens of snow blocks to use.

You should look online at how to construct one, as you want it to be safe, but you can build a snow fort in a few hours if there is enough snow and it’s cold enough.

Go to a Winter Market

The one problem with Winter is that you spend so much time indoors that you lose track of when last you went out to explore. A Winter or Christmas market is the best way to explore during the cold while staying comfortable.

Markets are often filled with great food, a ton of different drinks, and a plethora of child-friendly activities that your toddler would love.

Look at Christmas Lights

There are very few people who don’t remember driving around the neighborhood with their parents and looking at all the Christmas lights. Many people go all out over the festive season and create some incredible decorations and lights.

Making a flask of hot chocolate and packing some snacks can turn a nighttime drive to look at lights into a fun and memorable experience.

Make a Bird/Animal House

Even though it’s Winter, there will still be a lot of critters running and flying around, trying to find somewhere cozy to spend their nights. You will need to supervise your toddler while doing this, but you can build an animal house or feeder with only a few materials.

You can build the birdhouse or feeder and then let your child decorate it with paints, leaves, and sticks, or whatever else you can find outside.

Paint What You See

Painting is an easy and calming activity for children, allowing them to let their imaginations go wild. If they struggle to decide what to paint, you can sit them in front of a window and let them paint what they see.

You can also pack a few paints, brushes, and some paper into a bag and go for a drive somewhere pretty. This lets your child get out into nature, and they can paint something that they can look back on and remember.

Cookie Decorating

Another classic Winter and Christmas-season activity is baking and cookie decorating. As long as you do the cutting, cooking, and other dangerous stuff, your child can take part in a lot of the making and baking process.

When it comes to decorating, there are little to no rules. You can use all kinds of colors, icing, sprinkles, chocolate, and sweets, and whatever else your child might want to put on their cookies.

Nature Walks

Much like every other time of year, Winter is perfect for exploring and nature walks. Once again, you can pack some warm drinks and snacks and take your toddler exploring in a nearby forest or park.

They can look at and experience all the sights and sounds of Winter, play in the snow, make a snowman, or whatever else they want. Ensure they are dressed warmly, and you have extra layers available, but a few hours in nature can do you and your child a world of good.

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