A Quick Guide to Finding the Perfect Panel Door

Often overlooked, interior doors play a significant role in the overall décor of your home. Often considered a small detail, doors are large enough to be able to change the style of a room or perhaps the hallway. A little attention to this detail will change everything.

Now, panel doors come in all kinds of styles and sizes. Knowing what to look for will push you in the right direction. Furthermore, you do not necessarily have to keep it classic – you can go wild and get a different type of door for each room, as well as different colors. Here is everything you need to know.

Choose the right style

Many homeowners keep it simple – they stick to white. However, a big white spot can be problematic if you have dark walls or heavily patterned furniture. Some homeowners go a bit further and invest in different colors, but the actual style is just as important.

Basically, interior doors must be influenced by the décor, but they should also be part of it. You can go for pine or perhaps mahogany. You can get modern or contemporary doors, as well as classic panels in a vertical design. To keep it simple, take your time and discover all styles before deciding.

Decide on the type of wood

Once you have the style ready – or styles, if you decide to go for different options, make sure the finish of your door will give you a proper style. If you have not bought the furniture yet, the type of wood will also influence the type of furniture you get – or the other way around.

Everything must be related, from cabinets and cupboards to tables and wardrobes – if you go for visible wooden doors, they should be part of the project too. You want each style to complement the other, yet you can also go for different types of wood.

Most popular options in terms of wood include pine, mahogany, walnut, and oak.

The actual frame

To lots of people, it is all about the actual door. No one pays attention to the frames – those are even smaller details. However, some frames are bulky and suitable for certain types of doors, while others are super fine and modern – not great for large types of doors.

When choosing the door, pay attention to the frame too. Think about the skirting as well. Everything must complement something else. Flooring and doors provide a cozy overall appearance if they match, so you need to keep these things in mind.

Safety comes first

To most homeowners, everything is about the style and design. To responsible homeowners, safety standards are just as significant. This rule is even more important if you have pets or children hanging around the home.

What does safety mean? It does not mean that you need fire doors all over your home. Instead, opt for a slow closing mechanism. Door handles could be taller, so children cannot open them when left unsupervised.

Fire check doors can add to the price, but they are also safer than other types.

Type of door

Just like the style, the type of your door is just as important. There are plenty of colors, types, and styles that can change your home's overall appearance. You need to consider this aspect with style in mind, but doors need to be practical too.

Sliding doors can be made of more than just wood, but this is the most common material. They are more common in closets or bathrooms. However, you can have them anywhere – they do not require too much space, and they slide, rather than swing.

Pocket doors can go anywhere. They also save space, as they slide into walls, rather than along walls.

Folding doors go in more directions. They can fold on any side. You can often find these doors in closets or pantries. Basically, they are recommended for small storage spaces, but they can also go for rooms, yet they provide a bit less privacy.

Glazed doors have a few benefits. They allow you to see from one room to the other, even when the door is closed. Despite being shaped like a panel door, this type of door relies on windows instead of panels. Stained glass is recommended because it allows a bit of privacy.

Barn doors are classic. They are rustic, and their name is self-explanatory. You do not need a barn to opt for this style, though. In fact, barn doors are more and more common in ultra- modern homes. They are not extremely sturdy, but they are still suitable for a top-notch design.

Flush doors are quite modern. They are perfectly smooth on all sides. They are normally made of MDF or plywood, and they feature all sorts of styles. It could be a bit difficult to find such doors with panels, but not impossible.

The same goes for blind doors. They are normally based on blinds, and if you do find them in panels, those panels are actually replaced by blinds. They do not ensure too much privacy, so they are suitable for common areas or closets.

Other common types of doors include French and even Dutch doors, yet Dutch doors are more commonly used for outdoor areas – private ones, though, rather than main ones. Deciding on the best style is a matter of personal preferences.

Final thoughts

In the end, choosing the perfect panel doors does take time. Sure, lots of people keep it classic – they would rather get something inexpensive that suits. Again, most people stick to white, but your options are extremely diversified and not just in terms of colors.

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