12 Popular Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Kids in 2022

Birthday cakes are the life of the party, which is exactly why you need to make sure you select a unique and delicious cake for your child. Here are some ideas!

Tell us, what’s your fondest memory of your childhood? If you could jot down a couple, would a memory from your earliest birthdays be included? If the answer is yes, then you already know the significance of celebrating your kid’s birthday in style.

We can’t deny that these yearly celebrations are fundamental to raising children with strong self-esteem, and simply bringing them more joy. And, my dear, a birthday cake is the soul of your child’s birthday!

Before we enlighten you with some of the popular cake designs of 2022 for you to get birthday cake ideas for your little one, let’s talk more about their history!

The Sweet History of Birthday Cakes

Yes, cakes are special, but a birthday cake has a lot more meaning to it than just being a sweet treat. Let’s take you back to its delicious history - celebrating birthdays with cakes originates in ancient Egypt. It was a practice which began with crowning pharaohs, which was a celebratory moment as it was the beginning of their new lives as gods. It all started with baking moon cakes to pay tribute.

Thanks to this legendary Egyptian tradition, birthday cakes are now the life of every birthday party!

So, coming back to ideas for your kid’s birthday, as promised, we have hunted down the top cake designs of 2022 for you to explore!

Top Birthday Cakes of 2022

Below are some of the most unique designs that will make your kid’s birthday grand. Plus, if you feel like you need to shower them with some extra love, you can bake a cake with their picture on it! You should learn how to put a picture on a cake.

Let’s explore some of the most creative cake designs of 2022.

1. The Ultimate Chocolate Ball

Number one on our list is the Chocolate Ball or Sphere Cake with tiny little balloons. Not real balloons, silly; balloon-shaped cake toppings! Cute, right? They have become super popular in the past year or so, obviously because they are so aesthetically appealing. It is made with a sphere mold to craft the shape of the ball. You have to make 2 holes in between with molten chocolate or candies to make it into a giant ball.

Here’s a quick tip: Use spray ice to hold everything together. Get your birthday baby to be your sous chef; it’ll help you two bond in the process. And believe us, they’ll remember baking their birthday cake with you forever. And if this works for you, you are ready to be a potential contestant at a baking show!

2. Rice Paper Sail Cakes

Our favorite trend of 2022 has to be rice paper sail cake designs. Kids love it, and we do too, simply because there are so many versions of it. You can customize it according to your child’s color and shape preferences.

A while ago, someone made a Moana-themed rice paper sail cake that had waves with shades of the blue sea. The origin of these delicate beauties is in Vietnam, in case you were wondering. And yes, they are indeed made from Vietnamese rice paper sheets. Creative, huh?

3. Origami Cake Designs

Cake designs inspired by Origami are yet another eye- and tummy-pleasing treat that is gaining popularity. Trust us, it ticks all the boxes for a birthday cake. Your kid will definitely remember this.

The templates that surround the cake can be customized if you are thinking of a certain theme this year. The final look of your Origami cake will have geometric shapes and patterns. Try to fill your templates with whipped ganache to take it up a notch. We know that you’d like a moment to appreciate its beauty before letting anyone cut the cake, be it your own child.

4. Wafer Paper

Did you know that cakes can also be decorated with wafer paper? You can thank baking geniuses for this one! Who would’ve thought, right?

A wafer paper cake is perfect to create memories for your child’s birthday. Opt for fun colors to make it more appealing for those little curious eyes.

Wafer paper cakes almost look like decoration pieces. Why not try your hand at baking one yourself to make it extra special for them? It may look like it requires a certain set of baking skills, but they’re pretty easy to bake.

5. The Big Splash

This design has been around for some time now, and it is probably here to stay. A chocolate splash cake is fun, and you can customize it in so many cool ways.

If you have a theme in mind, add those colors and shapes to the cake for everything to come together. Add macarons, candies, M&M's, and a fancy cake topper for the ultimate chocolate splash cake.

Themed Cakes for Baby Boys

We have jotted down a list of cake ideas with various themes for baby boys and girls, separately. Take a look at the list for boys first!

1. Cocomelon Cake

How about a school bus cake inspired by every child’s favorite - Cocomelon? You could surprise them with a JJ cake, the main character from Cocomelon.

Keep in mind that a cocomelon-themed cake is more suitable for kids aged between 1-3 years.

2. Superhero Cake

Every little boy has a superhero character they are obsessed with! An iconic cake with their favorite superheroes can never fail to make their birthday a memorable one. Spiderman, The Hulk, Captain America, Superman, and Ironman are all fantastic options for you to choose from. But keep an eye on their absolute favorite character.

Dress him up as a superhero too. Let this birthday be the one he cherishes forever.

3. Blippi Cake

Here’s a Blippi-licious idea for your little Blippi fan. Choose a construction- themed cake, or a theme-park cake inspired by Blippi to encourage their curious minds.

Transform him into a mini version of Blippi by gearing him up with the costume, and don’t forget the glasses! He’ll look more delicious than any cake in the world (our hearts are melting, already).

Themed Cakes for Baby Girls

And, now for the little girlies. There are plenty of options to choose from. We’ve picked our favorites!

1. Frozen Themed Cake

Do you want to build a snowman? Ring a bell? If your little girl hasn’t sung this song two hundred times, you’re a lucky one! But if you’re singing along with us right now, then a Frozen-themed cake is what she deserves!

Find out, who’s her favorite character, is it Elsa or Anna? Design a cake with her favorite character from the movie with shades of blue to make her day. Here’s a genius idea: dress her like her favorite princess, Elsa, as well. Let her freeze time and cherish this day forever.

2. My Little Pony Cake

Unicorn-themed cakes are trending right now, thanks to My Little Pony. The colors are pretty, and it’s full of gold and glitter. The perfect combination for girls who are obsessed with unicorns.

Before you order or bake one, find out her favorite pony from My Little Pony. We love Fluttershy, Pinky Pie, and Rainbow Dash. Which one is hers?

3. Pop-It Cake

Pop-its are the newest fidget toys for children that help them to release their stress. Yes, children get stressed too! Well, this is a topic for another day.

Inspired by these pop-it toys, you can recreate it as a birthday cake with bright rainbow colors. It’s vibrant and a fantastic option for a loud birthday party for little girls.

4. Princess Cake

A princess cake for the real princess. Every girl deserves to have a princess- themed cake at least once in their life. And as a parent, you must let her live that dream. Look up some cool and trendy designs of princess cakes to get some ideas. Or you could just give her a traditional castle-shaped cake for her birthday. This cake always saves the day when you can’t think of any other ideas. Works every time.


Every year, your child’s birthday is a special time. It reminds you of the most special day of your life. Your child’s birthday symbolizes your role as a parent as well, which is why you should always celebrate this day together. And with this list of unique and delicious birthday cake ideas, you have one less thing to worry about ticking off the birthday checklist.

Wishing you and your baby a birthday filled with fun and love.

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