Crockpot Chop Steak {Easy Family Dinner Idea}


My husband is a hunter so we used deer chop steak for this recipe, but you could use any chop steak. I love a good crockpot, slow cooker recipe during the cooler fall months. And this one is so super easy and such a crowd pleaser. I have added some links to the seasoning packets I use, if you want to skip the preservatives and make your own.

Crockpot Chop Steak Recipe

What You Need:

- 1 1/2 lb. chop steak 

- can beef flavored broth

- reduced sodium brown gravy mix

- packet au jus gravy mix

- packet onion soup mix

- optional chopped mushrooms 

What You Do:

1. Spray your crock pot. Then place a layer of chop steak.

2. Mix seasonings together in a bowl and sprinkle part on top of chop steak.

3. Keep layering until chop steak is all in. Top with rest of seasoning, broth, and mushrooms.

4. Cook on low for 6 hours or high for 3 hours. 

5. Enjoy on top of mashed potatoes with veggies like we did or switch it up! Quinoa is a great option.

Let me know what you think of this recipe and then check out our other favorite weeknight crock pot recipes below, perfect for the fall!

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