Sensory-Friendly Birthday Party: Games for Your Kids with Autism

Birthdays are a great time to celebrate another year of life and all of the wonderful experiences and memories. If you're planning a sensory-friendly birthday party for a child with autism, here are some ideas to get you started:

Have games and activities in small groups

Choose games and activities that can be done in small groups or one-on-one so the child with autism can engage and learn. This allows them to have a sense of community, feel included, and foster social skills. When looking for games and activities, it is important to find ones tailored to the child's interests and abilities. Here are a few examples:

For young children, songs and fingerplays are great options. They can be adapted to any skill level by adding more or fewer words, making them slower or faster, or using different motions. Board games and puzzles can also be good choices, but make sure they are simple enough that the child will not get frustrated. Try matching games, coloring books, or even just having a conversation with the child about their day.

Create a "theme" party

If your child has autism, it can be difficult to plan a birthday party that is both fun and stimulating. One way to make things easier is picking a theme for the party. This will help focus the child on specific activities and avoid confusion. Some good themes include cars, trains, animals, or anything else the child is interested in. You can also choose a theme based on the child's favorite color or type of food. Whatever you choose, ensure that all the decorations and activities relate to the theme. This will help keep the party organized and enjoyable for your child.

Once you've chosen a theme, it's time to start planning the party! The first step is to create a guest list. Be sure to invite all of your child's friends, as well as their parents. Next, you'll need to decide on the food and drinks served at the party. If you're going with a themed-based party, choose food and drinks that fit the theme.

Pick healthy snacks for kids

One of the best things about having a child with autism is that they often love parties! The only problem is that most kids’ parties involve a lot of junk food that can be hard for kids on the spectrum to digest. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. There are numerous options available.

Here are some tips for throwing a party your child will love without unhealthy snacks:

- Serve plenty of healthy snacks and drinks like smoothies or fruit juice instead of fizzy drinks.

- Provide plenty of activities for the kids to keep them busy. This will help avoid meltdown situations.

- Make sure the party is sensory-friendly. Try to avoid bright colors, loud noises, and chaotic environments.

- Plan ahead! Ensure you have enough snacks and drinks for everyone and activities to keep the kids occupied.


Birthdays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, but for some families, they can also be quite stressful. This is especially true for parents whose kids are on the autism spectrum. There are many things to consider when planning a birthday party for a child with autism—from the guest list to the location to the menu. And then there is the added pressure of ensuring the party is perfect for your child.

For many parents of autistic children, throwing a birthday party is simply too much stress. Instead, they choose to celebrate their child's birthday in a more low-key way, either at home or at a nearby park or playground. This allows them to relax and enjoy their child's special day without worrying about the details.

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