7 Ways to Pretty Up Your Bathroom

Gone are the days when people want the standard, cookie-cutter home. Now, people look for homes that have unique features to make their home stand out. There are so many ways to do this throughout your entire home, but today, I want to focus on bathrooms. Most of the time, bathrooms are pretty similar (cookie-cutter-like) and there are not really a ton of improvements made in a new build or old build home. They all look the same! To really “WOW” your guests and any future homeowner of the house, there are some easy renovation ideas that you can definitely do. Here are some of my best ways to pretty up your bathroom:

Change up the walls

An easy way to pretty up your bathroom is by changing up the walls. There are so many creative ways to take builder standard walls and make them unique. For starters, you could just change the color of the paint. This is easy, not terribly time-consuming, and it’s an affordable way to spruce up your bathroom. If you are changing out the paint, think about relaxing and soothing colors or colors to brighten up and cheer up your space. Light blues, very mellow greens, and bright yellows are definitely great options! Another way that you could spruce up your walls is by adding a fun wallpaper. Wallpaper used to be out of style, but it’s coming back in, especially if you use a trendy wallpaper design. Last but not least, an accent wall with painted shiplap, stencils, or stickers. You could also just do an accent wall with paint, as well.

Add different mirrors

You know those standard flat mirrors that are in (basically) every single home? Change them out! Nobody likes those - trust me. Or, at least add a border around it to spruce it up a bit. The best bet? Go to Home Goods, Target, Home Depot, or another store like that and find pretty round and/or different-shaped mirrors. They are not expensive, but they will go a long way when it comes to making your bathroom much more updated.

Re-create your shower and bath

If you do not love your shower and bath, or if the tile or grout needs to be re-done, re-create them! You could add shelving, new tile, or whatever else. You could even make a full-on wet room, where the shower and bath are all together. This has become a pretty cool trend lately.

Change the flooring

Another tile update and this one can definitely change a room for the better, pretty majorly! If you need a quick fix to update your bathroom, just change out the flooring. It’ll spruce up the entire space, and honestly, it’s really not that expensive. Plus, if you do it yourself, you will save a ton of money and you can do it in just 1 or 2 days.

Add in creative shelves

Most homes come with toilet paper holders and hand towel holders, but a lot of new builds do not. If this is your case, get creative with what you add. There are so many possibilities!

Think about decor and artwork

Just because you are in a bathroom does not mean that you don’t need to have any decor or artwork. Bring your style into your bathroom to give it a good glam-up. Decor can be as simple as the hand towels that you put in there, or you could bring much more than that. You decide what fits!

Change the countertops

Last but not least, changing out the countertops is probably one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Bathroom countertops are usually on the smaller end, too (in terms of size), so you more than likely won’t be making a massive investment when changing out the countertops. You do want to think about the company you use, however, because not all are created equal. If you live in the Metro-Atlanta area, turn to Click Countertops. They are professional, timely, affordable, and they just make the entire process extremely easy. They offer quartzite countertops, and if you don’t know what those are, this is what they say: “Quartzite countertops are continuing to increase in popularity not only because they are absolutely stunning, but they are also highly durable. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is formed from pure quartz sandstone making it resistant to weathering. For our clients who love the look of marble but want a lower maintenance surface, we suggest they consider quartzite countertops.” Click Countertops give a completely unique customer-focused experience, making it easier and faster than ever to get new countertops that look amazing. These countertops, no matter which you choose, will definitely make your bathroom look beautiful and more updated. Give them a call today!

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