Top 5 Things to Help You Travel with Your Infant

It seems to me that there is not a person on the entire Earth strata who does not dream of traveling, planning it, and successfully carrying it out. Traveling with little ones is especially interesting.

woman holding baby on plane

You can travel from any age. The main thing is to understand whether the trip and the experience are worth the effort spent by parents. Most young children tolerate travel by car and even airplane quite well, but you always need to make allowances for the format of travel with a child and take into account the nuances that need to be prepared for.

According to the recommendations of pediatricians, it is advisable not to carry infants under six months of age on airplanes: because of the differential pressure in the cabin, they will not behave calmly. But if you choose this mode of transport, know that breastfeeding or a bottle can soothe and put your baby to sleep on the plane. In the car, these passengers are less fussy: babies under a year sleep a lot, can stay in a car seat for a long time, and do not require much attention.

What do you need to take on the road?

With the baby in the family, the number of suitcases on a trip may increase because you need to take a lot of clothes (2, and preferably 3 spare sets, a hat against the sun), various care accessories (wet and dry wipes, basic first aid kit), and toys for the child. During the "diaper" period on the road, take twice the usual number of diapers in your parent backpack. Additional stock of funds also does not hurt in a trip, because the cases are different.

Consider things without which, when traveling with a baby, just cannot do:

1) When traveling by car, must be a mandatory attribute of the car seat - quality and reliability. After all, without it travel at all is forbidden, and in the case of a crash, the car seat can save the life of the baby.
2) Stock of clean water for formula and drinking water in sippy cup.
3) If the baby is breastfed, nutrition can be said to always be nearby. But when the baby is on artificial feeding, you need to take premixed formula with you.
4) First Aid Kit. For each child, you need to find an individual medication. This should be consulted with a personal pediatrician.
5) Clothing for the baby might be different because with children on the road different mishaps can happen. Ask about the weather in the place where you are traveling, it will help to take the right things.

Packing a suitcase intelligently.

Packing a suitcase before a trip may seem like a simple task. It is a whole science that allows the tourist to avoid lost items during the trip, like not anticipated money costs, and many other troubles. Despite the considerable list of things to travel with a small child, when properly stowed it all (and even more) easily fits into a backpack of 45 liters (per person). Stack things in the suitcase and backpack can be rollers, so they do not remember much, and some things can be shoved into the shoes and filled the voids with them. The baby should have a separate bag for convenience. Remember that the lightness of the travel bag is an important factor that will affect the positive impression of the entire trip as a whole.

Creating a travel plan is the key to a successful vacation.

You need to set yourself up for a comfortable trip. Understand that you have a good plan and be prepared for things to go wrong. A parent's mood is the foundation of a successful trip. Most difficulties arise when there is no plan. Then things go wrong - the child is cranky, the man wants to go to a café, and you want to go to a museum. A plan of action saves time and nerves. So do not be lazy and try to think through all the travel still at home. Plan everything you want to check out in a new city or country. Without any restrictions, because they exist only in your head. It should be convenient and interesting for everyone - you and the child. So don't forget about time to play and explore local venues.

The main thing in traveling with your baby, do not forget that a vacation with your child will not be like a vacation before they were born. The sooner you realize this, the better for everyone. Time to read books or magazines on the beach, a quiet swim in the waves, or relax with a cup of coffee, most likely, will not happen. Or it will be very limited and not when you want it. Visiting all the sights around, as you did before, is also unlikely to be possible. So, it's better to make a list in advance of what you want to have time to do, see, and buy. When the first two or three days are in a new place, you can distribute the things on your list evenly by day, without leaving everything at the end of the trip. The main thing is not to panic and get upset, but to calmly drive or go with your child where you want to go when they are fed and in a good mood.

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