Ways to Celebrate a Preschool Graduation

It is such an exciting time! Create a special experience for your preschool students to mark their big graduation day. Here are 10 ways to celebrate a preschool graduation for your littles and their parents.

1. Formal Ceremony

Little kids, and their parents, will love it when you make a big deal about graduation by having a formal ceremony. Start by sending out invitations. Create a schedule of the ceremony and put together a program for parents. Then, order caps, gowns, tassels, gifts, and decorations for the big day. Make sure you label all the caps and gowns with Name Bubbles Labels kindergarten packs. They are washable and plus you can save 20% off sitewide with code GRADUATE. They're waterproof, fade resistant, and contain an ultra-strong adhesive that means they'll stick where you need them while staying bright and vibrant. With dozens of styles, icons, and colors to choose from, personalizing a pack to fit your child's unique style is a breeze. Name Bubbles personalized labels will help keep the entire family organized for daycare, preschool, school, and at home. Name Bubbles even sells positivity stickers that would make a great gift for graduates as well. Preschool graduates will be excited to receive their diplomas in this formal setting, and parents will appreciate the time you spent on planning this special day.

2. Moving Up Concert Night

Give your preschool students a chance to perform for their proud parents by organizing a concert night to mark their “moving up.” A concert can be a great addition to a formal graduation ceremony or can be planned as a separate event. Because your students all have different talents, showcase them all in a concert. Select songs that students can sing, other songs they can dance to, and/or organize a short skit (or two) to put acting or comedic talents on display.

3. Movie & Popcorn Day

Graduation events don’t have to be big and grand. Sometimes, simple ideas work best. Choose a day and have a movie screening and serve popcorn. You even can get your students involved by having them vote on a movie! And popcorn is a nice treat that, of course, coordinates well with a movie, and is one that most students can eat and enjoy.

4. Picnic

This a great idea for little kids, especially if you have a local park for a fun location. Gather some blankets or towels to sit on and decide upon a menu. You can ask parents to grill, order pizza, or have each student bring their own lunch. The fun of a graduation picnic is to be outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, good friends, and your kids can play on the park equipment before they eat!

5. Breakfast at School

Instead of a big party after your graduation ceremony, have a "Breakfast at School" instead. Your breakfast can take place on the morning of your graduation day in the cafeteria. Once you are done serving those yummy eggs, fruit, and pancakes, students can gather in a separate room to relax a bit and dress up in their caps and gowns for the ceremony in your gymnasium or auditorium.

6. Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth for your graduation day so your preschool graduates can really express their excitement! Parents will love this idea, too, because they get to see their child all geared up with their cap and gown and get a tangible keepsake of the

7. Take A Field Trip

Add a fun-filled field trip to the year-end graduation activity schedule! This all depends on what is available in your local area. Some favorite ideas include the zoo, science museum, aquarium, farm, or children’s theater. Students will love their big day on the town.

8. Autograph Booklet

Since preschool students have just learned how to write their names, give them all a chance to practice by giving each of them an autograph booklet. It’s like a yearbook for preschool students, without the pictures!

9. Set Up a Water Day

Bring on the sprinklers! Tell parents to send in towels, sunscreen, and prepare with a water shooter for everyone. But an old-fashioned sprinkler makes for the best of fun. Then serve popsicles to everyone at the end.

10. Letter from the Teacher

With all the hoopla surrounding a preschool graduation, a handwritten note from your child’s preschool teacher to the student is something that will be treasured for a long time. Select one of our printable papers and take some time to write a personal note to each of your students. Let them know how proud you are of everything he or she has accomplished and give him/her best wishes for the future.

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