What To Do When You Have an Unexpected Pregnancy

Mary and Joseph weren’t the only couple to experience an unexpected pregnancy. They can happen any time when you’re in a relationship with someone and regularly have sex. No birth control is 100% effective, so there will always be a slight chance that you get pregnant without planning it.


Clearly, it can be a big shock to your system when you discover this. It wasn’t in your plans right now, but you’re still excited for what lies ahead. Nevertheless, you’re in a very different position from a couple that was planning a pregnancy. With that in mind, here’s some advice to help you during this situation:

Start saving money

The moment the pregnancy test reveals a baby, you should start saving money. Kids are pretty expensive, which might be why you weren’t planning on having one just yet. Perhaps you’ve been saving money to get to a point where you’re comfortable having a baby. Now, you’ve got around about nine months to do some serious saving.

Cut back on needless expenses and try to save as much money as you can in the lead-up to the baby being born. This will help you pay for all the essential items they need to thrive. Your life is about to change a lot, so you have to reassess your financial habits.

Prepare your home

Again, this has come as a surprise, so your home is probably not prepared for a baby. In the worst-case scenario, you might discover that moving home is the best idea. Your current place is too small, so you need to find somewhere more suitable for your baby. This might even mean you have to move back in with your parents. Don’t worry, it will just be temporary until you can find a permanent place to live. At least your baby will be comfortable, and you’ll have lots of help.

If your current place is big enough, start preparing it for a baby. Babyproof everything, get them a crib, set up a little nursery, etc. Spend the next few months ensuring your baby has a proper place to sleep and be comfortable.

Get some extra support

It can often be hard to come to terms with the fact that you’re having a baby. So, there are support groups out there that offer helping hands and some words of wisdom. You could find a prolife organization that gives you advice on what to do when you weren’t expecting a baby. You’ll find many other members of the group in the same place as you, so you can share experiences and feel better together.

Yes, having an unexpected baby can be a whirlwind of a time for you and your partner. Once you get over the initial shock, it can soon become the best moment in your life. Now, all you have to do is think about the other gazillion things to take care of when having a baby. What are you going to call it? Do you want to know the gender? So many questions, but this is the start of an amazing journey.

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