6 Tips for Maintaining a Family Home

A family home is a cherished property. It’s filled with happy memories with the ones closest to your heart. It’s also a remembrance of your achievement and success, so maintaining its condition is necessary.

6 Tips for Maintaining a Family Home

Keeping your family home in its best condition can be challenging, especially if it’s a period property. Sometimes you may have to spend money on repair and renovation to make it look brand new. However, some maintenance tips won’t break the bank.

Here are six tips for maintaining a family home.

1. Fix Water Leaks

Water damage is the most significant source of several home problems. Depending on the severity, it may affect the aesthetics and the structure of the house. When not solved immediately, it may lead to a major renovation.

One of the common causes of water leaks inside the home is a damaged roof. Over time, the roofing material may deteriorate and crack, especially if you’re residing in harsh climates. During winter, the leaves and snow that get stuck in the gutter may also cause interior water damage.

Learn more about how to prevent possible water leaks in your home. Inspect all the vulnerable areas of your house such as the roof, windows, plumbing, vents, and ducts. Wall discoloration and pool of water in some spots are clear signs of a water leak so make sure that when you see them, you check and fix them to prevent further damage.

2. Improve Home Insulation

Maintaining a home should be focused more on functionality and practicality than aesthetics. Improving insulation is one of the essential ways to ensure your house’s purpose to protect you and your family is at maximum.

You can reap many benefits by improving your home insulation. It can make the home energy-efficient and comfortable for the whole family. If every part of the house is well-insulated, it’s easier to maintain the temperature and humidity.

To ensure your house is properly insulated, check the insulation’s thickness. You may add another layer of the same material if it’s not thick enough. Another way is to switch to double or triple glazed windows for better heating and cooling.

3. Repair Tiny Holes and Cracks

The tiny holes and cracks on the walls can look harmless at first. However, ignoring these issues can lead to further problems such as pest infestation and structural damage.

Repairing tiny holes and cracks is necessary to maintain the safety of a family home. No matter how minor they look, fixing them as soon as they appear can save you from hassles.

Holes and cracks around the home are some of the gateways to pest infestation. Small insects like cockroaches can lay eggs even on small breaks on the walls. Most of the time, these gaps look tiny from the outside, but larger damage can already exist inside. It’s best to inspect the whole issue before proceeding to repair.

In severe cases, cracks can signify structural damage, especially for older houses. This puts your family’s safety at risk, so it’s best to call in a professional for better inspection.

4. Hire Professionals for Deep Cleaning

Regular cleaning is one of the easiest actions you can do to maintain a family home. However, it may not be enough to reach the farthest corners. Plus, not everyone has the time to clean the whole house.

As a solution, you may hire professional cleaners for deep cleaning. Depending on your home’s condition, you may do this twice a year – at the start of spring and the end of the summer. Doing so will prepare your house for weather changes.

Moreover, deep cleaning is best to detect early signs of damage around the house. It can also prevent insects from bugging in dark corners and hard-to-reach areas.

5. Clean the Vents and Ducts

The vents and ducts are often overlooked during home maintenance cleaning. It’s easy to ignore them since they’re inside the ceilings and walls. However, failure to maintain their cleanliness can lead to severe problems.

The HVAC system requires regular maintenance to ensure the house breathes. This is essential to maintain your home’s humidity and temperature and ensure your family breathes clean and healthy air.

Too humid, cold, or warm spots around the home can signify dirt buildup inside the vents. If accompanied by a musty and earthy smell, molds may have already started to form. When this happens, call your trusted HVAC maintenance services for immediate inspection and cleaning.

6 Tips for Maintaining a Family Home

6. Repaint Exterior and Interior Walls

Repainting the home’s exterior and interior walls is one of the ways to maintain its aesthetics. However, it’s more than just looks. It can also protect your house from liquid and moisture.

Repainting the exterior walls can improve the home’s waterproofing. Using elastomeric paint creates a protective layer to keep moisture out. If you’re planning to repaint your family home’s exterior, it’s best to do it during summer for fast drying.

On the other hand, repainting the home’s interior is best to freshen up the ambiance. It can brighten up the house and make it feel cozier.

Maintaining your house can keep your family safe, healthy, and comfortable despite the changing weather. It can be challenging, but these tips give you an idea of where to start and what to do to maintain a safe and comfortable house.

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