6 Hacks to Highlight your Facial Features

6 Hacks to Highlight your Facial Features

A beautiful face starts with perfect, flawless skin and big eyes. Brows, cheekbones, and lips are the additional areas to concentrate on your face. Nose contouring is the next most important thing in makeup as it can transform the way your face looks. Highlighting these six important features will give a model-like sculpted look to the face.

Start with the eyes

Eye makeup is the first and foremost thing you should pay attention to if you want to highlight your unique features. Good eye makeup involves fluttering lashes, good eyeliner application, and lots of mascara. Highlighting the eyes involves several tricky steps, from applying perfect winged eyeliner to getting the ideal under-eye coverage.

Looking into growing your own natural lashes is the first step in highlighting your facial features. If you want true hair growth on your lashes and brows with high quality ingredients, check out Auxano Brow & Lash. You’ll have renewed, healthy, lucious lashes, and brows with the healing power of peptides. There's no need to use fake eyelashes, fake eyebrows, or fillers because you will feel more confident as soon as you wake up. Using Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 which encourages the growth of new eyebrows and eyelashes. Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Cell Culture Extract is a potent antioxidant that reduces inflammation and creates a happy environment for brow and lash growth. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer that pulls in water from the surrounding cells. Eyebrows and eyelashes are 10% water. Just apply a light amount of the serum to your eyebrows or top and bottom eyelids daily for best results.

False eyelashes a secondary option for eye makeup, and there are many lash extension styles made of different materials. There are good brands providing the best false eyelashes at an affordable rate and are available online. Lilac St, LoveSeen, Eylure, and Sweed are famous brands in the eyelashes market that offer quality lashes. Lilac St. lashes are comparatively cheaper and easy to use and have more variety than its competitors.

Highlight the brows

Thick full brows are essential to make your face look attractive and majestic. There are five main steps in applying brow makeup, and it starts with shaping your brows into the perfect style. Apply a good brow gel pushing all the eyebrow hair upwards with a clean mascara brush until you get the required shape.

The brow gel is vital to hold the hairs in place and absorb the color you will fill in the brows. Use a pencil to fill the brows, make them thinner and get the required shape, broader at the start and sharper at the end (use brow stencils). Apply powder or highlighter on top of the brows and under the brows to make the brows stand out distinctly.

For those desiring a more lasting and low-maintenance solution, brow lamination is an excellent option. This semi-permanent treatment restructures the brow hairs, keeping them in the desired shape and direction for an extended period. Conveniently, brow lamination can be performed professionally or at home. Products, such as a kit for at home eyebrow lamination provide the necessary tools and solutions, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your home. Overall, by creating beautiful brows, individuals can significantly enhance their facial features, ensuring a groomed and polished appearance with minimal daily effort.

Skin makeup

Skin makeup and good contouring will make the entire face get a perfect shape with a beautiful forehead and a prominent T-Zone. Face highlighting can get done with highlighters that come in cream and stick form or simply by contouring. Alternatively, you can use bronzers to get that beautifully tanned line essential for the perfectly contoured face.

The under-eye area should also receive enough care to make a face highlighting stand out prominently. Apply the under-eye cream in triangular format and blend it well to get that perfect triangle and lifted cheekbones. Another trick is to mix the highlighter with the under-eye cream and use a darker color blush and bronzer on the eyes. It will give a beautiful sun-kissed look to the entire face making it glow from all angles.

Cheekbones highlighting

Highlighting the cheekbones is tricky as the entire shape of the face will change if you do not get it right. Use bronzers, highlighters, and blushes to highlight the cheekbones based on the makeup style. Remember to match the eyeshadow and highlighter color to give a uniform look to the face. If you hate the monochromatic look and want to experiment with colors, play with mixing various blush shades.

If you are using bright-colored eyeshadow, try to use blush instead of bronzer or vice versa. Some models highlight either the cheeks or the eyes, leaving the other one with plain color, doing the opposite of the previous idea to get a more subtle look. Use cream highlighters and contouring products to get the best cheekbone highlighting results.

Nose structuring

Do nose contouring by wearing regular makeup and applying a highlighter on the T-zone. It would work out best if you used the highlighter on the entire length of the nose, on the tip of the nostrils, and on the middle of the top lip in this method. It will make your nose look sharper and give you a royal look paired with smoky eyes and various skin bronzer usage techniques.

The second method is to contour the nose fully by giving it a different shape through blending using three different shades of contour colors. It is best done by a professional and must get only if your nose is too broad or very small and you want to get the ideal nose shape. Beginners trying to do nose contour should experiment with various shades and get enough practice before wearing it outside.

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