How to Make the Most of a Lazy Day and Not Feel Guilty

Contrary to the belief that people need to always be productive to succeed, having a lazy day sometimes is a necessity. A day where you have no plans or schedules can help you release tension and revitalize yourself. Having lazy days where you just feel like you don’t want to do anything can also be your body’s natural way of telling you that you need rest. It’s normal and nothing to be afraid of.

How to Make the Most of a Lazy Day and Not Feel Guilty

There is no need to feel guilty about feeling a bit lazy and hanging out at home. However, if you want to make the most of your day, here are some ways to still make it productive and fulfilling.

Rest and Relax

This may not feel the most guilt-free way to be productive, but prioritizing rest and relaxation is critical to your health. Having sufficient rest can have a positive impact on your productivity, mood and motivation once you have to get back to your regular daily activities.

Take a nap or just lie down and do some breathing exercises to release stress and relax your whole body. Setting up your room to have a sleep-ready ambience and temperature as well as using comfortable bedding can make this experience more enjoyable. If you are a side/back sleeper, consider trying a cooling mattress for side sleepers.

Additionally, you can do some self-care to show yourself a little love. Take a long bath or do some pampering. Optimize your space for rest and relaxation with some ambient music, scented candles or humidifiers, comfy pajamas and essentials like face masks and relaxing oils on hand.

Start a Home Project

If you suddenly find yourself having more extra time, try starting a home project you’ve been holding off on.

Order the supplies you need to make repairs or renovate a room. If you have the energy, take a trip to the hardware store or furniture shops and buy the things you need. Experiment with paint, feel the texture of wood and enjoy the visual spectacle of the various colors of home items, from floor tiles to roofing and other items. Perhaps you might get an inspiration of what you can do to makeover your home or your room.

If you don’t feel like doing the actual work, plan for how you want to tackle it and make sure you have all the necessary supplies. You can get expert help or call friends over to help you with your project as well.

Make Some Calls

All you need to make calls is a phone and a cozy bed or couch to lounge on. Make the most out of your free time by making calls that you can’t usually make due to tight schedules.

Check on your friends or reach out to family you’ve been meaning to get caught up with. You can also call a service that you’ve been meaning to book like a carpet cleaner or doctor appointment. More so, you can make calls to cancel the subscriptions you have that you may not be using.

Read a Book

Reading a book is another great idea for relaxing and it is a very productive activity. You may be just sitting down and not making motions, but your mind gets active when you read. You develop knowledge and can exercise your reading ability. It is also a good idea to take your mind off of things and escape into a good book, especially if you find it hard to stop thinking of work.

There are many stress-relieving books you can find out there, from non-fiction to novels and self-help books. You can also choose to read books related to your work and interests or something upcoming in your life, like making investments, enriching your career or developing relationships and entering parenthood.

Cook a New Recipe

Experts say that cooking is a good stress-reliever. It is relaxing and can be meditative and therapeutic for some. The methodical process combined with the artistic approach in cooking makes it an activity enjoyed by many.

On your lazy day, learn a new recipe and try some new cooking skills. Cooking usually requires low energy exertion, and it is also always fun trying something new and discovering new tastes. You can go for an easy dish or soup, make colorful salads, clean up your fridge, or try baking. You can also share your food with loved ones and friends.

Do the Thing You Always Put Off

If you have an extra day off, maybe it’s the right time to do that one thing you have not had the time to do or have been holding off. This may be anything, from learning a new musical instrument to watching a documentary, organizing your closet, cleaning the attic, sorting your documents—all the small mundane activities that you put on hold during busy days.

If it is something you don’t really want to do, remember the hardest part is starting it. Once you get going, time will fly.

Having a Lazy Day Doesn’t Mean You’re Lazy

There will always be times when it seems like you have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Busy people will sometimes feel uneasy with the idea these not-so-productive days. But you don’t have to dwell on it or feel guilty about it. Lazy days are there to let you decompress and breath, be spontaneous and free yourself from schedules and responsibilities for a while. So, enjoy the slow pace and make the most out of your day.

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