Easy Egg Muffins {Meal Prep Breakfast On-The-Go Idea}

I wrote a post back in 2019 about Homemade Meal Prepping Breakfast Ideas for Kids. With everything becoming more go, go, go again and our calendars filling up so quickly, I thought I would share this recipe for my easy egg cups. They are my husband's and kiddo's favorite protein packed breakfast for those super busy mornings. I have seen these called egg muffins as well.

Easy Egg Muffins {Meal Prep Breakfast On-The-Go Idea}

So, here's how to make Easy Egg Muffins:

Use as many eggs as you would like. I usually use 18 eggs and then they make about 15 egg cups. Scramble and then add 1/2 cup milk (we use 2%). I have these cupcake pans, but you could also spray some silicone baking cups. Spray with cooking spray. Then use a funnel and add the scrambled egg mixture to the pan. You can add whatever you would like to them, bacon, spinach, cheese, chives, etc. You can add it before or after. You could also make them as egg whites only. Bake them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or until a knife poked in comes out clean. I then put them in a large freezer bag or if you are going to eat them sooner rather than later, then you could put them in large Tupperware. Make sure they are cooled before putting them in the fridge. I get out what I need and then you could microwave or use a toaster oven/air fryer to heat them up.

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