Must-Have Features for Your Next Family Vehicle

When shopping for a new family vehicle, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with style and fuel efficiency. However, there are many more features that can ensure your family is as safe and comfortable as possible. From cutting-edge tech to safety programs, there are a few major ways to ensure your next family vehicle will keep you happy for years to come. To ensure you make the right decision, here is a list of some of the must-have features for your next family vehicle:

Must-Have Features for Your Next Family Vehicle

Integrated Sunshades

You no longer have to rely on traditional sunshades to keep from the harsh sunlight destroying the comfort and safety of your trips. In fact, with new integrated sunshade technology, you’ll rarely feel the sunlight overpowering your senses ever again. Not only will this help keep your vision clear during trips, but it will ensure your kids will be able to get in those all-important naps between errands and activities.

Built-In Cooler or Refrigerator

Especially for parents who constantly find themselves helping out with events and sports, having an easy way to keep healthy snacks and refreshing beverages at the ready is a godsend. Thankfully, many cars are now building coolers or refrigerators into their designs. It’s been a long time coming, but parents who can nab a vehicle with this feature are unlikely to ever want to go back. The feature can even come in useful for those rare occasions where parents are able to finally have a well-deserved date night.

Wi-Fi Connection

With kids using electronics more than ever (both for pleasure and for schoolwork) having built-in Wi-Fi connections inside your vehicle can increase their ability to feel comfortable and ready for whatever life throws at them. Parents benefit from this great inclusion as well, especially for those that are always looking to get some extra work in while they have the rare downtime between dropping kids off at school and practice.

Modern Safety Standards

While the more modern, stylish features on this list might be the most exciting, no other category is as important as this one. Making sure your car has modernized airbags, high crash safety ratings, and an engine and exhaust combo that will not pollute the planet (and the air directly around your family), are essential. You’ll rest easy as you travel from point A to point B every day by studying up on what safety standards your potential next family vehicle comes with, so make sure to never bypass this item on your checklist. Especially for families with new infants, this is a must-have feature.

Backup Cameras

Fender benders and minor accidents are infuriating. Not only can they add to your insurance premium, but they are certain to disrupt the flow of your day in a way that will keep adding on until you finally, and exhaustedly, hit the sack. To help avoid these pesky incidents, backup cameras are your best friend. Thankfully, if you’re buying a model made after 2012, the likelihood of your choice having one is fairly high. In fact, some newer models even have more advanced, high-tech cameras that will nearly guarantee that these minor accidents never touch your driving record again (at least none that are your fault, anyway).

Pre-Collision System

One of the most important safety features of any new car, pre-collision systems ensure you’re given that extra moment of warning before an unfortunate or dangerous collision. We all try to drive as safely as we can, but sometimes factors outside of our own driving capabilities come into play, and pre-collision systems can give you the invaluable heads-up time you need to keep your family safe. Not to mention you can save on your insurance premiums just by having this feature included in your vehicle.

Hands-Free Technology

To ensure you’re able to drive as safely as possible, it comes down to more than pre-collision systems and backup cameras. Understanding how dangerous being distracted on the road can be is the first step. The next step? Having the technology to help you make the sometimes-unavoidable calls on your phone in a safe, efficient manner. Thankfully, most models made after 2010 have some type of hands-free tech built into them, whether it be Bluetooth or some other fancy technology.

Here’s to Many Safe Trips

You’ll have a safe, comfortable, and satisfying trip every time you hit the road with these excellent features installed in your next family vehicle. While finding a model that packs in all these features can be difficult, finding one that hits the most important checkmarks on your list is easy in today’s marketplace. Here’s to your exciting new journey as you search out the perfect family vehicle.

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