10 Ways to Manage a Budget and Lower Your Monthly Bills

Is your new year resolution to learn how to manage your budget and lower your monthly bills as well? My husband and I worked really hard to get ourselves out of debt when we were making barely minimum wage and I am so proud of the progress we have made. It is hard working, but so rewarding. I have compiled a list of simple solutions to help you towards your money goals. 

10 Ways to Manage a Budget and Lower Your Monthly Bills

1. Call about getting your debt consolidated. The first thing you need to do to lower your monthly bills is to set up a budget and that includes paying off your debt. How to budget and consolidate your debts at the same time. Click here to learn more.

2. Cancel unwanted memberships. Gym memberships, subscription boxes, streaming networks. Itemize your budget and see what you no longer use.

3. Ditch Cable/satellite. We did this years ago and haven't looked back. When we did it, it was still something new and actually harder to work with. But with more and more people ditching the box, it is easier than ever.

4. Call around for better rates. Did you know this was a thing? Back when we did have satellite, I called about cancelling because I was annoyed, they not only dropped a network with one of our favorite shows, but they also had the audacity to charge us $35 more a month! Haggling wasn't even a real issue; they offered the promo for new customers. This can also be done with various large investments, which include buying a house. Lots of people have refinanced their Mobile Home Mortgage to be more affordable. For example, when people buy a mobile home, they may finance it with an adjustable-rate mortgage and if rates are lower today than it was before, then you can save money by refinancing your loan.

5. Did you know you can call your credit card company and try to get a better interest rate? When you first applied maybe your credit was worse than what it is now. If they won't budge, look into opening a new credit card that has a 0% balance transfer and a lower rate.

6. Evaluate your utility use. When we first moved out to our house, there was one trash service, so we had no option, but with more and more people moving out our way there are now two other options to choose from. There are also things you can do to make your house more energy efficient to save money.

7. Start cooking at home more. Meal prepping as I like to call it. I have shared a ton of recipes that you can make ahead. I'm even planning an upcoming crock pot plan ahead meals serious that is freezer friendly. Because it isn't just about dinner, picking a day and allotting a time so you can cook all the things you will need for the week can be a game changer. Even buying easy options from the grocery store can save you a lot of money in the long run.

8. Start shopping sales, buying generic, and couponing. Learning how to be an efficient shopper has saved so much money for my family. I used to "extreme" coupon and no longer have as much time as I did dedicate to doing that, but it was a fun hobby when I did it. I still have taken the principles I learned and apply them to every shopping trip.

9. Consider becoming a one car family. We did this for about 7 months and although we saved a LOT of money, it was really hard where we lived and now with the kids in school, it doesn't make sense for us.

10. Homeowners can consider refinancing if your rates are high. Also, if you have at least 20% equity in your home you don't need private mortgage insurance - are you still carrying this coverage even though you don't need it?

What are your best tips for lowering your monthly expenses?

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