A Case for CBD: 10 Facts You Likely Didn’t Know About Cannabidiol

The market for CBD products is at an all-time high. With cannabidiol gaining in popularity, buyers want to know more about what the product can offer. Separating the facts from the myths is an eye-opening way to learn the benefits about CBD.

A Case for CBD: 10 Facts You Likely Didn’t Know About Cannabidiol

1. It’s Old

CBD was discovered in 1940 but was fully synthesized in 1963. You can thank chemist Roger Adams for discovering its unique chemical structure so that CBD gummies could be made. This proves that cannabidiol has a rich history and isn’t a new fad on the block.

2. The Market is Exploding

Many investors doubted the appeal of CBD so shied away from putting money into it. After its massive popularity, even the stock market had to take notice. CBD products are now considered a fruitful business venture. Due to the demand for these products, we're now seeing CBD being used in gummies for products such as boost edibles, and in a wide variety of skin care products such as facial and body creams.

3. CBD Works Well With THC

THC is the part of the cannabis plant that gets you high. When combined with CBD, some of the more desirable effects are neutralized. This is a great way to get minimal euphoric effects without crippling paranoia. Proper storage of these products is also important, and mylar bags can help to maintain their potency and freshness, ensuring that they remain effective and safe.

4. It Calms Anxiety

There is an anxiety epidemic in the world that goes far beyond squeezing stress balls. CBD is a natural way to settle your nerves and prevent stress. It can be used as a counter, or as a complete neutralizer.

5. There Are a Ton of Cannabinoids

THC and CBD are only two of a possible one-hundred and thirteen cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis. Their popularity makes them the most studied parts of the plant, but not the most versatile. Over time, scientists will find even more ways to unlock the plant. For those curious about exploring lesser-known cannabinoids, consider delving into compounds like CBG that contribute to the rich diversity of cannabis.

6. Cannabinoids Are Naturally Produced

The endocannabinoid system in humans naturally produces cannabinoids. This complex system is tied to several receptors like CB1 that controls your emotions. Overall, cannabinoids are a single car on a massive worldwide highway.

7. CBD is (Somewhat) Legal

CBD federally legal, but the products created by it are not regulated by the FDA. This doesn’t include Epidolex, which is giving to seizure patients. It’s important to mention this since FDA backing will fundamentally change the entire CBD market.

8. There Is Some Incredible Science Behind It

CBD is being used on pets to help manage their stress and anxiety. This is one of the few natural drugs that bridges the gap of similar issues between humans and animals. The same rigorous health standards used for humans has been copied when considering pets for CBD treatment.

9. CBD Doesn’t Get You High

If you want a high, then THC is the way to go. CBD will not give you a feeling of euphoria that is often stereotyped in Hollywood movies. It has all of the health benefits, but none of the cloud nine downsides.

10. Professionals Use CBD

Athletes, doctors, politicians and even entertainers are open about their CBD usage. This is a complete change from back in the day when cannabidiol usage was frowned upon. While nicotine and vaping marketing has taken a hit, CBD products continues to rise in multiple markets.

A Healthy Alternative

Cannabidiol is a healthy alternative to a lot of products. Tons of research has gone into ensuring that it is ready for mass market appeal. Take care of your body and mind by incorporating CBD into your daily life.

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