8 Things You Should Know About Sending Your Child To A Chicago Daycare

8 Things You Should Know About Sending Your Child To A Chicago Daycare

Stay-at-home home parents are not as common as they once were. As a result, daily supervision of children is usually performed by someone outside of the family. Most often, this takes place in a daycare center. But you can’t just hire any daycare service. Each child has needs that should be met even though more activity involving other children is occurring just someone watching only your child. Fortunately, reputable daycare services offer programs that assist children in their cognitive, physical, and emotional growth. For parents in the Chicago area, daycare is an important part of family life. What can you expect when sending your child to a Chicago daycare center? We’ll take a closer look at what daycares provide in this article.

Daycare Prepares Your Child for School

Daycare sessions include exercises and learning opportunities that make this the perfect venue to ease your child into kindergarten. For parents who use daycare services, surveys indicate that these parents tend to be more involved in school activities as their children grow. This means that both parents and children receive huge long-term benefits from this level of involvement that can be traced back to the early days of their school life that began with daycare.

Daycare Includes a Regular Schedule

Although children at daycare may not be aware of it, there is a purpose to the regular schedule of activities that take place there. Everything from songs and stories to playtime contributes to the intellectual growth of every child. With a structure to the day that includes napping and eating, parents can have peace of mind knowing that the structure of a day at daycare will enhance their child’s end of day behaviors.

Daycare Exposes Children to Peers

Even if parents have gone to the trouble of organizing regular play dates for their children, daycare provides an extension to that level of interaction. In this setting, children can interact with others their own age in a safe, supervised and structured environment. When children are with their peers, they learn important life skills such as sharing, taking turns, problem-solving, and more. This type of interaction helps develop their character and world view.

Daycare Assists Children With Emotional Health

This is a direct result of the scheduled structure that exists in the daycare setting. Having certain activities or tasks take place with regularity helps children anticipate transitions without anxiety. This not only helps with their emotional health during daycare, but it assists them in dealing with unexpected situations as they grow. Following a regular schedule will help children when they become students and adults where schedules are a way of life.

Daycare Offers Social and Economic Benefits To Parents

Although the average parent typically drops off and picks up their child from daycare, there is often at least some time for interaction with the daycare providers and other parents. This is a good opportunity for adults to connect with others even though they are sharing a sometimes rushed experience.

Additionally, the cost of daycare is far more affordable than a nanny or series of sitters who will not have same the kind of interest in developing your child’s interests or introducing them to a structured setting.

Daycare Helps Children With Academic Advancement

Statistics support the fact that children who attend a high-quality daycare, one that offers cognitive-boosting activities, support, and interaction with the care providers, score higher on standardized tests cognitively and academically as teenagers. The study was conducted by the US National Institutes of Health and involved responses from over 1,300 children. The study results say that over 90% of those studied had test scores that were a direct result of time spent in daycare.

Daycare Provides Interaction with Adults

What children learn when they are young comes directly from their parents or the older members of their family. Daycare exposes these young minds to the perspectives and actions of adults outside of their families. This interaction helps children gain a well-rounded take on the world around them and the things that occur in their environment. Different points of view and attitudes all assist children to see things differently and to learn from other adults in their lives.

Daycare Helps Build Your Child’s Immunity System

This makes sense when you think about it. When children get together in the same setting, they are going to come in contact with various germs. With this kind of exposure, each child’s immune system will get a workout that will improve their immune system. With an improved immune system, your child will more easily fight off minor colds and cases of flu or, if they do catch something, the duration will be shorter. Children need to have exposure to germs to help strengthen their bodies.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to sending children to a Chicago daycare. However, as a parent, you have to do your homework first. The most affordable daycare service is not necessarily the best for your child. What you should be looking for in daycare is one that offers a structured program with a good balance between learning and play. There should be nutritious food available and a comfortable and welcome setting that makes your child look forward to being there.

The location of the daycare service has to be convenient for you and easy to access at any time of the year. Since daycare is an investment into your child’s future, you have to choose wisely because of the long-term effects that result from this choice. You have many choices available to you in Chicago, however, Ladybug & Friends Daycare and Preschool should be at the top of your list. To find out more about our program, and the openings we have available, please contact us today for further information.

Sandra Chiu works as Director at LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool.

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