Gift Guide for Furbabies

Gift Ideas for Pets

I know there are people who hate the term furbabies, but my dog is still one of my babies and I can't imagine my life without him. I know I love giving little gifts to my pet. We don't go all out for the holidays, but with the holidays closer than you think, I thought I would share some fun gift ideas to give the furry friend in your life this holiday season.

Ultra Oil for Pets

Get ready to surprise your furry friends with Ultra Oil’s unique and amazing formula for their skin and coat this holiday season! Starting with a mission to find the best nutritional supplement that will help pets' reap the health benefits, Ultra Oil provides healthy omega fats to keep their coats beautiful all year long. Some pets suffer through annoying allergies, and at times owners feel at a loss with the type of supplements they need to help soothe their discomfort. In addition, solutions such as prednisone can be hard on the body and ineffective. Ultra Oil provides a blend of Hempseed, Flaxseed, Fish, and Grape Seed Oils containing the nutrients our pets deserve and is also rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, which is just the right balance to be optimally absorbed.
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Chippin reduces your eco pawprint and provides your dog with quality and nutritious protein. Science-backed sources of digestible protein that uses 80%+ fewer resources. Chippin dog treats and dog food are made with naturally delicious, eco friendly proteins. Packed with omega 3-rich nutrition your dog will dig. Chippin’s mission is to create sustainable and healthy dog treats so that dogs can maintain quality health and the environment can also be conserved.
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TruDog Clean Me Dental Chews

Bad dog breath isn't just stinky, it's dangerous...
Fact: Gum Disease Is The #1 Illness Affecting Our Pets (Their breath is their only way to tell you about their pain and discomfort)
Clean me dental chews are proven, made with patented O.M. COMPLEX-ORAL™ (A patented ingredient that effectively and safely eliminates volatile sulfur compounds (vsc) malodors and the bad breath that they cause, without the adverse side effects of antibacterial agents), anise seed (possesses antimicrobial properties that prevent infections and block the growth of bacteria. It’s also known for its powerful health-promoting properties and acts as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments), and parsley (some research has shown parsley may help reduce bad breath through a process called “enzymatic deodorization”, also rich in healthy properties such as Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and flavonoids). Which helps freshen breath, appealing texture scrapes away tarter and cleans teeth. Designed to promote daily oral health. Great tasting, dissolvable dual-action chews.
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The Wellness 360 Kit

Our Wellness 360 collection features our relief supplements for physical comfort as well as mental wellbeing — you’ll get our Hip & Hop soft chews and bars that help reduce inflammation, along with our Relax & Roll soft chews and bars that help with anxiety and promote calm! This kit is a great well-rounded option for your dog who needs some stress management and pain relief, or a gift for a furry friend who does!
- Support cartilage and connective tissue health.
- Reduce inflammation and joint pain and support immune health.
- Promote calm and reduce anxiety related behavior.
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PantryFresh Beef & Russet Potato

About JustFoodFor Dogs: No. 1 Vet-Recommended Fresh Dog Food, Delivered and Made, Using Only Real Food. The Only Fresh Food for Dogs to Conduct Feeding Trials for Proven-Healthy Pet Nutrition.
About the meal: The Beef & Russet Potato meal is one of our most popular diets! This isn't your ordinary ground beef dog food recipe. This high-calorie diet incorporates human-edible ground beef, russet and sweet potatoes, as well as an assortment of fruits and vegetables. The result is a wholesome, fully balanced diet that’s perfect for active adult dogs and/or underweight dogs. And thanks to its innovative "Tetra Pak" packaging, every PantryFresh meal can be stored unopened on the shelf for up to two years, making it the perfect option for traveling or when boarding your dog.
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Embossed Bones Sherpa Dog Blanket

As your pup rests and recovers in between adventures, they can nestle, burrow, and snuggle to their heart's desire with this ultra cozy blanket. Fashioned in exquisitely soft baby-fleece material, this is a great addition to any dog's bed, crate, or sleeping spot. Use it as a furniture protector to capture unwanted pet hair or use it as a cover for your dog's bed to maintain a clean sleep environment. If you or a friend are bringing a puppy or rescue dog home for the first time, this handsome blanket makes a great first gift! You can make their transition to a new home easier with their very own blanket that they can travel with and bring along all the familiar scents of home with them. Machine washable.
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Doggy Delirious Pet Treats

Let’s face it! Dogs want what humans want – deliriously delicious “human food” that’s as tasty as it is nutritious. Doggy Delirious® produces human-grade pet products that pets and parents could actually eat together (literally). Using wholesome, limited ingredients and powerful four-legged feedback, we’ve perfected a delicious range of crunchy treats with no artificial anything. It’s the closest thing to a snack you’d eat yourself.
Doggy Delirious treats are:
- 100% human grade – The simple, recognizable ingredients are human grade, the treats are baked in a human-grade oven and they’re packed in a human-grade Safe Quality Foods Level 3 kitchen
- Certified non-GMO
- Free from preservatives, chemicals and animal byproducts
- Made and sourced in the USA

They’ve developed a human-inspired holiday portfolio, specifically for furry family members, and includes the Howl-iday Treat Mix, Reindeer Noses and Gingerbread Merry Mix. It features limited ingredients, but unlimited holiday cheer. All are 16 oz. and retail for $7.99 (beginning September 2021).
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Doggie Pals

Based on one of our best-selling electronic dog toys, the Doggie Tail™, they’ve created a collection of holiday-themed Doggie Pals! Choose from: Penguin, Santa, Snowman, Gingerbread Man, Santa’s Helper, Stocking. Available at PetSmart November 1, 2021. Available both in-stores and online at PetSmart for $12.99, their festive Doggie Pals are perfect for holiday gift lists! Affordable, fun and easy to buy, shop online at starting November 1st. Or pick up in stores on your way to that last minute holiday party!
Product Features:
- Wiggles and barks to capture your dog’s attention and maximize playtime.
- Keeps your dog happy and healthy by keeping them mentally and physically stimulated.
- Reduces anxiety and boredom by keeping your dog entertained in long-lasting play.
- Arbitrary movement and realistic sounds appeal to your dog’s natural ambition to hunt.
- On/Off button located on the top of the interior plastic ball. Press button to turn on.
- Motion activated by shaking, rolling or throwing. Random motion continues approx. 10 seconds.
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Bodhi Dog

Stop your furry friend from chewing holiday gifts and presents, with Bodhi Dog all-natural Bitter 2 in 1 No Chew + Hot Spot Spray, a safe and humane alternative to help train your furry friend from chewing and biting on wounds, skin, and anything everything around them. The natural bitters added in our formula do not scare or harm your pet. Our non-staining, cruelty-free anti-chew spray is safe to use on anything you want your pets to stop chewing.
The Kitten Training Spray helps establish boundaries with a scent your feline friend can’t stand. With consistent use of our cat training spray, your cat or kitten will associate which areas are off-limits. It is safe to use around plants and won’t stain water-safe furniture or fabrics. Our animal-cruelty free formula is a long-lasting blend of ingredients.
Bodhi Dog is a small, family-owned business that is committed to making great products for you, your family, and your pet. Their products are 100% safe and effective for your furry friend and family. Bodhi Dog products and packaging use the most eco-friendly methods available, including locally sourced and natural ingredients, and recyclable packaging, making it the conscientious and socially responsible pet owner’s choice.
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Grove Cat Tower from Tuft & Paw

The Grove's distinctive slatted design is visually striking while seamlessly harmonizing with your existing decor. Open views allow your cat to feel secure while reclining in the lower interior, while the faux shearling top level provides a panoramic lookout and a spot for socializing with nearby humans. The Grove comes in short and tall versions.
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What do you plan to buy your furbaby this year?

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