5 Reasons the Right Tableware Can Make Toddler Mealtimes Easier

Your toddler is a picky eater. They refuse to eat anything but chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, so you're starting to think that maybe they just don't like food.

5 Reasons the Right Tableware Can Make Toddler Mealtimes Easier

Do you know what your problem is? It's the tableware! That's right. It doesn't matter how good of a cook you are or how tasty your recipes might be if there isn't something on their plate that appeals to them visually. The right dishes can make a huge difference when it comes to convenience and cleanliness.

Here are five reasons why the right tableware can make toddlers happy with every mealtime

Why Getting the Right Tableware Makes Toddler Mealtimes Easier

Plates and Bowls Minimize Mess

Babies have a knack for making messes. If you're struggling to keep their food contained during mealtime, consider using baby plates and bowls with anti-slip bottoms, which help minimize the amount of food that is spilled onto your floor or table surface.

When it comes time to feed our little ones, we want everything from feeding them well to minimizing any extra cleanup work afterward. To make this much easier, there are tons of great options out there. They come in mini sizes perfect for babies (and kids!) up through preschoolers so everyone can enjoy all those yummy foods without worrying about spills taking over the kitchen countertop or ending up underfoot.

Baby plates and bowls are specially designed to help toddlers experience an enjoyable mealtime. The design of the plates helps reduce mess by not spilling food or liquid outside of the dish.

The Right Tableware Makes Dining Fun

The dining table can be a daunting place for young children. They often need to balance sitting on their own, learning how forks work and trying not to spill anything or drop the food while they eat. There's also that curious toddler reflex of putting everything in his mouth regardless if it's something he likes eating or not.

The right child-friendly dishes help with all these challenges by providing smaller pieces that are more manageable when your little one is just starting out at this age-old task known as "eating."

From bowls designed like applesauce jars to plates featuring photos of cowboys riding horses - there’s no shortage of options today from companies who want our kids' time around the dinner table to be fun.

Durable Tableware Means No Cleaning Broken Pieces

Toddlers are always finding new and creative ways to make a mess. They don't just spill their food on the floor; they also break plates and cups. But what if you could avoid all this by buying durable tableware?

One of the best investments a parent can make is to buy their kids durable tableware. Having something that won't break when dropped or stained easily will save them money in the long run by not needing to replace it constantly.

Bamboo plates and bamboo bowls for kids are arguably the best in terms of durability. The best bamboo plate and bowls include;

Bobo&Boo Bamboo Kids Bowl
Bobo&Boo bowls are perfect for teaching kids about the importance of eco-friendly living. With 4 colorful options available, there is a bowl that will cater to any child. From breakfast cereal in the morning to ice cream sundaes at lunchtime, these elegant bamboo bowls are stylish enough for any occasion.

Bamboo Baby Elephant Suction Plate
The Bamboo Baby Elephant Suction Plate has everything you need for introducing different textures and flavors in the early stages of weaning. It comes with a removable suction base that allows you to change to regular use when your baby outgrows them.

WeeSprout Bamboo Toddler Plates
With the WeeSprout Bamboo Toddler Plate Set, you have everything you’ll need to set your little one up for a lifetime of healthy and eco-friendly dinners. These sturdy bamboo plates are perfect for small hands or messy food jobs with no worries about chipping or scratching. They also blend beautifully into any d├ęcor, so these are great for homes with kids and pets without sacrificing style to do it.

Plus, they are stain-resistant, dishwasher-friendly, gunk repelling, and durable enough even if Junior decides to use them as drumsticks while he watches Elmo on tv.

Lighter Tableware Makes Them Independent

We all know that feeding is tough. But it becomes infinitely easier when you have a light spoon in your hand. Light spoons make it easy for self-feeding and are perfect for kids who want to take control of their own mealtime routine without the help or supervision of an adult.

A lightweight silverware option with nothing but smooth edges makes this ideal choice as well because there's no worry about any scratches left behind on delicate mouths.

Lighter weight also means more independence; if they're too young to manage to eat by themselves, then maybe these tools will let them get started now.

Color Equals Appetite

Don't underestimate the power of color to help your toddler concentrate on feeding time. With brightly colored tableware, there are no distractions for them at all.

It has been shown that children will eat more food off plates with yellow or orange colors versus blue, red, green, and purple. The color you choose to use when feeding your child dinner could make all the difference in how much they enjoy their mealtime experience.

Children do not typically have as varied tastes buds at an early age, so it is natural if now and then certain foods seem too spicy, sour, or bitter. However, studies show there are some colors which kids tend to find appetizing over others, such as orange or yellow rather than blue or green.


When it comes to making mealtimes easier for toddlers and their parents alike, many factors can make a big difference. But as we’ve shown here - the tableware you use is one of them.

Consider investing in some new plates or bowls if your toddler has been struggling with this stage of life. They may just help things run more smoothly around mealtime. The right tableware can be a real game-changer during these often trying times.

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