Household Appliance Repair Made Easy with Sears PartsDirect

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There comes a time in the life of your appliance when it isn't running the way it is supposed to anymore. Whether it is your dryer, fridge, or dishwasher, you can probably find a way to fix it yourself! Before you pick up the phone to spend a ton of money to hire someone to fix your home appliances, you should check out some tutorials available online because household appliance repair is made easy since you can order your parts directly from Sears PartsDirect. And sometimes it's as simple as something coming unplugged or a switch needing to be turned on. Ordering parts online and fixing the appliances yourself is a great way to reduce new home maintenance costs as well.

Household Appliance Repair Made Easy with Sears PartsDirect

Here is a list of common household appliance problems that you can fix yourself so you can save money:

1. Leaking Refrigerator - fixing it is way cheaper than buying an entire new one like we had to do earlier this year.

2. Smelly Dishwasher - I recently did a simple clean of our smelly dishwasher.

3. Broken Electric Burner

4. Smelly Washing Machine - front loading washing machines are the most common to get this issue.

5. Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold - replacing your refrigerator door gasket can help your fridge run more efficiently so will help you save money in the long term.

6. Dryer Lint Build Up - Built-up lint inside dryers causes more than 15,000 fires every year. I highly suggest switching to a metal dryer exhaust duct.

7. Slow Filling Washer

8. Clouded Glass Oven Door - this could be as easy as taking it apart.

9. Garbage Disposal Splash Guard - you can install a new one in about 20 minutes!

10. Broken Fridge Water Dispenser

11. Washing Machine Won't Drain

12. Gas Burner Won't Light

13. Clothes Dryer Won't Dry Anymore - my sister-in-law has had to replace their dryer heating element on their dryer a few times, but fixing it themselves has been the most cost efficient option for them.

14. Ice Maker Stopped Working - I wish I knew how easy it was to replace an old ice maker in your fridge before we just kept buying bagged ice for so long.

But there are tons more easy home repairs that you can make yourself. Buying replacement parts for not only big household appliances, but even vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, grills and smokers, leaf blowers, freezers, air compressors, water heaters, snow blowers, furnaces, or garage doors can be just a click away thanks to Sears PartsDirect. 

Since 1995, Sears PartsDirect has been a leading destination for repair parts and accessories. They sell replacement parts for most major brands of appliances and are made or approved by the original equipment manufacturer. Their goal is to help new and experienced DIYers quickly find and order the right part, from any device. Not only do they sell you the parts to do it yourself, but they want to build your confidence and to do so their in-house experts have created an extensive library of nearly 1,000 pieces of repair-related videos, repair guides, error code tables, and articles.

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