Things You Need To Keep Your Garden Clean

Things You Need To Keep Your Garden Clean

Spring is here! This means it is time to go through your home and get rid of any unwanted clutter so you can feel fresh and ready for the summer. As well as clearing out the interior of your home, it is also important to remember your garden and give that a bit of a tidy as well. Doing this will mean your garden is ready to enjoy as the warmer seasons take over and you can just sit back and relax in the sunshine. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to keeping your garden clean and tidy, below are some suggestions on what you will need to get the job done.


If you do have a lawn in your garden, having a lawnmower is a must. It is a big help in keeping your garden look neat and tidy, and regular cutting ensures that the lawn remains healthy with fewer weeds. If you have a very large garden with a lot of grassy ground to cover, getting a lawnmower that you sit on and drive around will be useful, otherwise, you might struggle to get the job done. Additionally, using an electric blower can help keep your lawn clean by efficiently removing leaves and debris.

Compost Bin

A compost bin is another useful tool in keeping your garden clean and tidy, but it is also wonderful if you do have a lot of pots and flowerbeds as well. All sorts of biodegradable things can go into your compost bin, such as eggshells, coffee grounds, vegetable peels, and cores. You can also put in your cuttings after pruning or clearing other dead foliage away from the flowerbeds during your annual tidy-up. Just make sure that the cuttings you are putting in there did not have signs of disease or pests that will interfere with the compost.

Clean Your Ponds Filters

If you have a pond or a water feature in your garden, you need to remember to give this a good clean as well. If you want to deep clean it, you will have to drain it so you can get to the bottom and clear out all the muck. If you want to put off such a big job for a little while, at the very least remember to get the filter from the pump and give that a good clean so it does not get blocked. If you think it is time to get a new filter, you can look for one at

Prune Your Plants

Another way to keep your garden looking clean and tidy is to remember to prune your bushes, trees, and other plants. Sometimes letting them grow out and look wild can be interesting, but if they get out of control this could cause problems and will only make your garden look neglected. Trimming them back will help encourage growth, but also keep things looking neat.

Another great way to spruce up your garden is with extra large rectangular planter boxes, as these are perfect for containing plants and planting vegetables or flowers, but can also provide extra seating if you need it. Placing one at the entrance of your garden will help create a nice focal point and give your outdoor space an instant boost.

Check for Diseases

Finally, if you want your garden to remain clean you need to keep an eye out for diseases that could spread throughout your plants or an infestation of bugs that are feasting on them. You can find treatments for the majority of these issues, but the sooner you see the signs the better.

If you are keen to spend more time outdoors during the summer, make sure your garden is clean and tidy with these useful tips and tools.

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