Parenting Frustrations: What To Do When Your Kids Get On Your Last Nerve

As much as we love our kids, there will always be times when they push your buttons and you find yourself getting angry with them. However, it’s important that we deal with these situations in the right way because if you blow up at them and scream and shout, that sets a very bad example and it can seriously damage your relationship with them. Blaming them is not useful and it’s an issue that you need to sort out for yourself. So, what should you do when your kids get on your last nerve?

Parenting Frustrations: What To Do When Your Kids Get On Your Last Nerve

Put Things In Perspective

In that moment, when you are completely exhausted and the kids are really winding you up, it’s easy to lose perspective. All you think about is how annoyed you are and how difficult things have been recently, but you forget about all of the amazing things about having a family. If you can put things in perspective, you will find it so much easier to manage your temper. These bible verses serve as a great reminder of how much of a blessing our kids really are. Even if you are not a religious person, the sentiment is the same and they can really help you put things in perspective, so think back to them next time you are about to fly off the handle.

Remove Yourself From The Situation

Getting out of whatever situation is frustrating you is the easiest way to calm yourself down again. If the kids are running around the house causing a mess and you are getting angry, why not round everybody up and head out for a family day out? You could even get them out in the garden and give yourself 5 minutes to cool down.

As well as physically removing yourself from the situation, you should find ways to mentally remove yourself too. Taking a few minutes to focus on your breathing instead of fixating on your frustration will calm you down so you can deal with the situation rationally instead of blowing up.

Talk To Somebody About It

Parenting isn’t something that you have to deal with all on your own. When things are tough and you are getting frustrated, it’s ok to talk to people about it. Unfortunately, a lot of new parents worry that people will judge them for getting angry and frustrated with their kids. In reality, it happens to everybody and talking about it can be a huge help. When you vent about your problems to another parent, you offload a lot of that stress instead of letting it build up until it boils over and you take it out on the kids. Other parents will also be able to empathize with your situation and vent about their own struggles, which makes you feel a lot better because you know that you’re not on your own. This is why parenting support groups are so great. So, next time the kids are winding you up, just talk to somebody about it.

Every parent gets annoyed with their kids from time to time and that’s perfectly normal. Just make sure you follow the steps to deal with it in a healthy way.

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