Safe, Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange

So since we didn't go anywhere at all last year for winter or spring break plus basically missed my birthday, I decided I wanted to go somewhere that I have been wanting to take the kids, but have personally never been and that was Great Wolf Lodge in LaGrange, GA.

Safe, Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange

We decided to make a weekend trip and here are my tips to get the most out of your family trip to Great Wolf Lodge in LaGrange, GA.

1. Sign up for their emails. They will send you percentage off codes. And like other hotels, if they have rooms available, then they are cheaper closer to the date. But if you don't want to risk not getting a room, then you can wait for a 50% off code like I used. Remember, you will have to pay an additional $50 fee for each guest above a certain age staying in your room since water park passes are included in the room. Check multiple codes for the dates that you want to stay. We went during "spring break" so our price was higher.

2. A one night stay with two days in the water park doing all the wet & dry activities is PLENTY. We booked two nights and man oh man I was ready to go after the first night! The kids have loved every minute, but I'm speaking from a parent perspective on this one. They also have day passes available. You can check in at 4pm, but you can go into the water park your first time as early as 1pm. Then regular check out is at 11am, but you can stay until 8pm in the water park and any of the indoor activities.

Spring Break Family Travel to Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange, GA

3. Pack your own drinks & snacks. They charge $9 for a six case of water, if you come unprepared. There's a mini fridge in the room, and you are allowed to bring small coolers in the water park. Spending $35 on snacks between lunch and dinner is no fun when bringing a few juice boxes & veggie straws would have been much more cost effective! We also packed breakfast and lunch options as well. We only ate out for dinner.

4. They have a little "convenient store" in the hotel that has a Keurig and microwave, so those may be an option to make your stay even cheaper food wise. They do sell dining credits before hand, like $150 worth for only $125 etc. If you buy alcoholic drinks, this might be something you want to look into. It didn't make sense for us since we brought most of our food and our dinner (with appetizer) was only $68. We did end up getting Arby's our first night there.

5. Pack a beach bag. This may seem obvious, but if you borrow one of their beach towels, they don't let you carry it out of the water park area so bring a cover up or t-shirts to walk through the hotel back to your room.

Birthday Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange, GA

6. If you're spending the night, upgrade your room to the Wolf Suite. The kids can get their own little "wolf den" with bunk beds and their own TV. We didn't do this because we went during "spring break" season so many options were not available. But friends of ours did this and said it was worth the upgrade.

7. Download the app. They have a daily schedule so you can try out free events as well as meet the characters. We went to a nightly dance party where they had everyone spaced out to social distance. It was a lot of fun and we went both nights of our stay. They also have a meet the characters and nightly bedtime stories session as well as an art & crafts time in the middle of the day. Plus with the app, you may be able to check in early as well.

Water Park Fun at Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange, GA

8. We did receive some Paw Passes (for the kids only) and I thought they were a good value. But it's only worth it if you are planning on spending the night and at least two partial days there. Our kids are 7 and 10 so younger children may not enjoy the same activities. Great Wolf Lodge does have other options and one includes a Build-a-Bear which also located on site.
Paw Passes Start at $54.99 per package and include:
- One MagiQuest game (This was super fun! It filled up most of our time there when not in the water.)
- Choice of classic color wand
- One Great Wolf Lodge Candy Shop candy cup
- One scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's
- One Paw Points game card for Northern Lights Arcade
- One pair of Great Wolf swim goggles

Safe, Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange

The wolf pass is honestly the best deal, but depending how long you are staying then you may busy from morning to night. They do sell a la carte activities that are normal prices, in my opinion. Any extras my kid's wanted (my son wanted a bubble shooter & wand topper), we made them pay with them out of their own personal money. This is one of the ways we are trying to teach our kids about handling their own money.

Family Activities at Great Wolf Lodge, GA

9. Be aware of height requirements for the water slides. My son was barely tall enough. They do provide life jackets on site to those that need them.

10. There were options to eat throughout that ranged from burger and pizza to an actual restaurant. We had to make reservations, but the restaurant was priced at what you expect and the food was delicious. My husband added a birthday package and they sang to me plus brought deserts for me and the kids. They didn't charge for this either. They did have a Dunkin' Donuts on site that we enjoyed for my birthday breakfast and a Ben & Jerry's on site as well. If you would like to go off campus, LaGrange has some local restaurants. Gus's CafĂ© was recommended to us for a super delicious breakfast! They also have some cute restaurants in their little downtown area. Another great option is to have food delivered with DoorDash

11. Since this was for my son's birthday (and mine as well), we could have thrown on the birthday package which included some balloons, a cake, and a t-shirt as well. My friend's did this and felt it was worth the upcharge, we decided to forgo this because we were already paying for peak prices on the room.

12. When signing up for reservations, they are going to try and charge you for a late stay, but you can stay at the water park until it closes for the day (8pm). So if you wanted to, take the other stuff to the car, but we were ready to leave by the last morning.

Spring Break at Great Wolf Lodge

13. Babysitting at Great Wolf Lodge - Atlanta Parent said they have babysitting available. Camp H.O.W.L. offers parent-free programming in the evenings for an additional fee. Each night has a theme like bugs or camping out and includes art and crafts, games, activities, dinner and a movie. Parents can pick from a 2 or 4-hour camp program.

14. The fees were a little much. A $30 nightly resort fee, 8% nightly county lodging tax, 7% rooms sales tax, and state hotel fee of $5 a night. It all adds up.

We did enjoy it and would go back. We might do things a little differently, but it was worth it. I do not regret anything at all. If you would like to see video of our adventures, I posted on Instagram stories and saved them to a highlight. So enjoy!

That's it! Let me know if you have ever been to Great Wolf Lodge or plan to go.

In response to the current pandemic, Great Wolf has committed to the Paw Pledge!
For a full list of precautions, visit
- All queues will be 6-feet and managed by staff, especially in the waterpark
- Attractions will have reduced capacity to accommodate 6-feet social distancing
- Sanitization of high touch items such as luggage carts, life vest, rafts, attractions
- Use of hospital-grade disinfectants on the EPA approved N-List, such as Spic and Span 3n1, to clean and disinfect.
- Use of credit cards/wristbands for contactless payment. Cash will not be accepted as a form of payment.
- Use of online or mobile app check-in
- All guests, ages 5+, are required to wear a face covering that fully covers their nose & mouth, and secures under their chin with few exceptions, including: When actively eating or drinking, as long as stationary and maintaining appropriate physical distancing from other guests. While swimming or actively enjoying the water park attractions. When visiting outdoor areas where proper physical distancing from non-household members is easy to achieve and maintain. If a guest has a medical exemption from masks, then a face shield is required.
- Completion of a guest wellness questionnaire will be required for the party in each reservation as part of the check-in process. 

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