Inspiration To Start Your Bedroom Redecoration

At the start of a new year, many of us think about new beginnings. And one way to achieve that in our homes is to give our interiors a refresh. You may be thinking of making a new start in your bedroom, giving it a total refurb to create a brand-new space. However, if you’re not feeling as energized as normal, then it can be hard to find the inspiration.

Inspiration To Start Your Bedroom Redecoration

Here’s a few quick tips to help you along. 

Get rid of flaky walls and ceilings 

Sometimes a quick paint job just won’t do, especially if your walls and ceilings are looking bumpy, flaky or have started to crack. If you have a plaster ceiling or walls, it may be time for a skim, to create a nice smooth base for decorating. 

Install a fashionable floor 

A new bedroom deserves a new floor. Engineered wood and wood-style vinyl flooring are really hot at the moment, with both traditional and contemporary designs gracing many homes. White painted floors are also growing in popularity, especially with those creating a coastal, minimalist or rustic look. 

Hack your storage solutions 

Storage is a top consideration in the bedroom, as clothing and clutter can engulf the space without it. If you’re looking to create unique or bespoke storage in your bedroom, without the expense of hiring a design consultant, then look for ways to hack basic shelving and wardrobes. Many homeowners are discovering that cheap flatpack furniture and MDF are ideal to adapt to fit into awkward spaces. 

Style your bed 

Whether you buy a new bed or stick with what you’ve got, styling it properly will make a huge difference to how it looks in the room. Layers are the key to a luxurious and sophisticated bed. Coordinate and layer sheets, blankets, bedspreads, quilts and throws, along with pillows and cushions. 

Choose new artwork 

Adorning your walls with the right artwork or decoration can make the difference between a basic bedroom or a grown-up, stylish space. Whether you go for canvas paintings with similar color schemes or a selection of artworks in matching frames; carefully curating your wall decoration will enhance your bedroom. 

Add wall lights 

Wall lighting in bedrooms has made a big comeback. And with so many styles of lighting now on the market, it’s almost impossible not to find something to suit your taste. Modern, art deco and industrial styles help create that five-star hotel feel, whereas traditional wall lighting creates a cozy, homely feel.

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