How to Improve Your Child's Reading Comprehension

The ability to comprehend what they read is perhaps one of the most important skills that any reader will develop. If you want your child to be able to do more than just call words then you will have to teach them how to read and comprehend.

How to Improve Your Child's Reading Comprehension

While this skill is not the easiest to develop it is not impossible. The key is knowing what to do and when to do it, this will give you all the keys you need to help your child succeed. Here are the steps you should be taking to help your child to read and comprehend. 

Have Your Child Read Aloud 

There is no doubt that reading comprehension for new readers is not always easy. When your child starts reading aloud this will force them to slow down and think about what they are saying. This will give them more time to process what they are reading. 

When they are not only seeing the words but actively listening to them it makes it easier for them to comprehend what is happening. You can model reading aloud with your child and take turns reading aloud with them. 

Get Books That Are At Your Child’s Reading Level 

You should ensure that your child reads books that are at the correct reading level. Otherwise, they may become frustrated. They should be able to recognize at least 90 percent of the words in the book without any help. 

If your child has to stop too often to try and recognize a word then it will make it difficult for them to focus on the meaning behind the story. If you’re finding it difficult for your child to move away from picture books there are books available that are designed to make it easier for your child to transition. 

You may be wondering how you can know whether a book is too difficult for your child. One way to find out is to do the five finger test. The five-finger test is an effective method of finding out if a book will be too difficult for your child and it is easy to do. 

Have your child open the book to any page. Let them start reading. Whenever they encounter a word that they do not know they will need to raise a finger. If they raise their finger at least five times before reaching the end of the page, the book is too difficult for them. 

Get Books that Are Tailored to Your Child’s Interest 

As a parent, you know what your child is interested in more than anyone else. One of the best ways to get your child to read and comprehend is to use books that target their interest. 

When finding books that target their interest always ensure that they are at the right grade level so that your child can comprehend. Your aim should always be to find as many of these interest-targeted books as you can, in this way you will not have to force your child to read; they will naturally gravitate towards the book. 

Read and then Read Again 

One of the best strategies you can employ is to have your child read the same book over and over again. This will not be too difficult if you choose books that target the interests of your child. 

When your child begins to consistently re-read books it will improve their decoding skills. This will assist them in becoming more fluent. This fluency will get better and better the more they read. 

Discuss What is Being Read 

An easy way to develop reading comprehension is to talk with your child about what they are reading. This simple process helps them to focus on what is happening in the book. 

Before you turn the page to continue reading, you can ask your child what they think will happen next in the story. This helps them to be more involved in the book because they will want to see if their predictions are coming true. 

Be Patient

At the end of the day, you will need to be patient with your child. Learning to read is a complex process and if your child stumbles along the way this is normal, so don’t panic. 

Always encourage your child even when it seems like an uphill battle eventually it will all make sense to them. It is up to you to encourage them not to give up and to always be there motivating them to continue reading.

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