Gift Ideas for Furbabies

 My dog is 13 years old and before we had children, he would get something every Christmas. I have decided to try and start making his Christmas special again. I know many people who take the opportunity to spoil their furbabies around the holidays and it is such a great way to include them in the family.

The Wellness 360 Kit

Our Wellness 360 collection features our relief supplements for physical comfort as well as mental wellbeing — you’ll get our Hip & Hop soft chews and bars that help reduce inflammation, along with our Relax & Roll soft chews and bars that help with anxiety and promote calm! This kit is a great well-rounded option for your dog who needs some stress management and pain relief, or a gift for a furry friend who does!
- Support cartilage and connective tissue health.
- Reduce inflammation and joint pain and support immune health.
- Promote calm and reduce anxiety related behavior. 
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PantryFresh Beef & Russet Potato

About JustFoodFor Dogs: No. 1 Vet-Recommended Fresh Dog Food, Delivered and Made, Using Only Real Food. The Only Fresh Food for Dogs to Conduct Feeding Trials for Proven-Healthy Pet Nutrition.
About the meal: The Beef & Russet Potato meal is one of our most popular diets! This isn't your ordinary ground beef dog food recipe. This high-calorie diet incorporates human-edible ground beef, russet and sweet potatoes, as well as an assortment of fruits and vegetables. The result is a wholesome, fully balanced diet that’s perfect for active adult dogs and/or underweight dogs. And thanks to its innovative "Tetra Pak" packaging, every PantryFresh meal can be stored unopened on the shelf for up to two years, making it the perfect option for traveling or when boarding your dog.
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K9 Natural Lamb Healthy Bites Dog Treats

Perfect for training or rewarding your best friend! These small treats are made with 100% grass-fed, free range New Zealand lamb. Natural, healthy and delicious!
- 100% New Zealand grass-fed, free-range lamb
- Protein packed, everyday treat
- No Grains, No Gluten, No Guilt
- No artificial preservatives or flavors
100% New Zealand Lamb, Lamb Heart, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Liver
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Embossed Bones Sherpa Dog Blanket

As your pup rests and recovers in between adventures, they can nestle, burrow, and snuggle to their heart's desire with this ultra cozy blanket. Fashioned in exquisitely soft baby-fleece material, this is a great addition to any dog's bed, crate, or sleeping spot. Use it as a furniture protector to capture unwanted pet hair or use it as a cover for your dog's bed to maintain a clean sleep environment. If you or a friend are bringing a puppy or rescue dog home for the first time, this handsome blanket makes a great first gift! You can make their transition to a new home easier with their very own blanket that they can travel with and bring along all the familiar scents of home with them. Machine washable.
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Hemp Double Knot Rope Dog Toy

Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that bring us and our pups joy. The Hemp Double Knot Rope Dog Toy is a perfect example. This chunky rope for you and your dog to play with is safer, cleans your dog's teeth and is from low impact farming. The tough fibers of hemp rope act as a natural toothbrush, helping to scrub off the bad stuff that gathers on your dog's teeth throughout the day. The more they chew, the cleaner their teeth. The cleaner their teeth, the more they can chew. Hemp sheds in short fibers that are unlikely to cause harm if ingested and should pass through naturally. Please supervise your pet during playtime. While this toy is made for some good clean fun, it is still a dog toy and therefore not indestructible - no toy can be.
A little about Hemp:
- Hemp grows in abundance without a need for pesticides.
- Hemp grows incredibly dense and tall, freeing up precious arable land for other crops.
- Hemp needs very little water and returns 60-70% of its nutrients back to the soil.
- Hemp is better for the planet and better for your pup! 
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Do you buy your pet any gifts for the holidays?

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  1. I love all the toy ideas and some great treats too. thanks much


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