The 3 Major Challenges Of Parenthood, And How To Own Them

Parenthood is not easy. If anyone has told you otherwise, it’s time to reassess how honest they were with you. While having the fifth child might not be so much of a novel experience as the first, as you’re now prepared and know what to deal with, you still have one more child to look after. That takes time, energy, enthusiasm, and bundles of love to take part in well.

There are many parents out there. Not all of them are skilled for the task. Some learn, others do not. Some do all they can, others skirt the responsibility. That being said, all have to face universal parenting challenges that take time to show. For some, delayed responses to speech development can leave them worried, other children may have special needs, while others may suffer medical issues. Even if your child is lucky enough to avoid all of these potential issues, they still have the difficult task of learning how to be a human being at their fingertips. That’s tough, and it’s tough for you to raise a human being from scratch. Technically, you’re still a relatively young person before the age of 40. You can’t know all the answers.

So, what are these challenges, and how can they be overcome? Let’s discuss:

Financial Management

Not all households have secure finances, and the added cost of children will only lead certain pressures to grow. This is why some families decide to use debt consolidation services, or a debt to success system aimed at helping them out. Additionally, making use of family savings, credit cards that offer bonuses (such as accumulated points that pay for Christmas dinner at the end of the year), or simply shopping for off-brand items can help money come together more easily. Save the pennies, and you save the pounds. 

Tiredness, Nerves and Patience

Much like a solider-in-training, any parent will learn how to function and operate without sleep. This can be tiresome, quite literally, but over time it can also lead to weight gain, bad habits, irritability, and even hidden resentment. This is why it’s important to swap the duties with your partner, or to nap when your newborn is asleep, or to eat well and stretch, and to get your relief where you can in a healthy context. Be sure to look after number one. Because without that, you cannot look after the child whom your life now orbits around.

Leading By Example

It’s important to lead by example if you hope to help your children develop well. This is because they often do not follow what you say, but what you do. It’s better to simply not curse around them (such as when cut off in traffic) rather than telling them not to repeat bad words. It’s important to be measured and calm and not fly off the handle during the most stressful situations to show that tempers can be managed. You’ll never be the perfect person around them, but you can deign to be your best.

With this advice, you’re sure to focus on your parenthood using the best of your own potential to manage it. That, in itself, will help you feel better in yourself.

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  1. You are so right that becoming a parent is challenging and can be stressful - as you well know from experience! My becoming a parent, because of my young age, was joyful and scary! To be responsible for another tiny life. I didn’t want to do anything wrong! I certainly wanted to be a good example for my little mini-me. I definitely had to learn to take time out for myself or I was no good for baby. I did have a problem with cursing when I was driving! Nothing drives me as crazy mad as an ignorant, inconsiderate, uncaring driver! Who puts others at risk besides themselves! This was pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!


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