Fun and Creative Activities For Kids Stuck In The House

Kids who are stuck in the house tend to complain about being bored a lot - even though there’s a plethora of things that they could do to stay entertained. It’s true that too much choice could confuse kids and make them do nothing - so why not create a jar filled with the suggestions we’re going to mention here, and pick a piece of paper out of it when they complain that they’re bored next? Read on for some ideas that should keep them occupied for a while! 

1. Make Your Own Slime

Making things is always a lot of fun, and slime seems to be a super popular thing to make at the moment. You can try this galaxy slime recipe if you want to make something really cool that should help to keep your kids busy for a while. 

2. Make A Den

A den is a great place for kids to read, play games, create, or simply watch things on their tablet. It’s a great place for them to go when they need some downtime.

3. Teach Them a New Game

How about teaching them a new game that they’ve never played before? This could be the ideal time to teach them Monopoly, a card game like Solitaire, or something else you know they will enjoy!

4. Do Some Group Reading

Start a family book club and do some group reading. Perhaps you could all read the same book and take it in turns to read a few pages. You could even listen to an audiobook together. You can then discuss the book and the lessons you believe it teaches.

5. Pass The Story

If you want to get creative and have fun together, play the ‘pass the story’ game. This is where each family member writes a paragraph and each family member takes it in turns to carry it on - but the catch is you don’t know what the person before you wrote. You can write anything you like, and the story can go in some crazy directions!

6. Pass The Picture

Just like ‘pass the story’, ‘pass the picture’ is a game where you all create a picture without knowing what the person before you drew. This works best when creating things like monsters, as you can draw the head and then leave little lines when you have folded the paper over so the next person knows where to go.

7. Put On A Show

Encourage your kids to write a play and put on a show, or put their own spin on something they have watched recently.

8. Create An Obstacle Course

An obstacle course in the garden could be a great way to stay active and fit while having fun.

9. Declutter

Perhaps not the most exciting of the activities, but definitely useful; decluttering helps to make space for new things and you can give the old things to friends, family, or charity.

10. Do Family PE Lesson

Get active and do a family PE lesson to shake off that boredom. The endorphins afterwards will be worth it!


  1. I never heard of this word before: plethora. It sounds fun! Making slime is already a favorite of my grandkids! Making a tent with “windows” and “doors” is another favorite! With a handwritten sign saying “Parents- stay out on it.” Doing a Family PE Lesson is good for us all ��. My kids when they were young and now my grandkids love putting on shows for us!! They dress up and the whole nine yards! This is definitely pin worthy!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are great ideas to bust the boredom during these times!

  3. Lots of great ideals........... I really like the picture of a cardbord house they are painting. My great niece would be all over that. During lockdown my niece tried a lot of things to keep her daughter busy

  4. I love all your fun ideas here, I try to do as much as I can with the little one, and I love reading to them and they love it.


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