Vacationing During a Pandemic at Myrtle Beach

My family recently had the opportunity to vacation at Myrtle Beach thanks to Vacation Myrtle Beach. Although I had been there before when I was younger, but my family had never been there. My husband had only ever driven through South Carolina for that matter. So I was excited for the opportunity to share a new beach with them.

What we didn't plan for was a pandemic. There is a lot happening in the world right now. Vacationing, whether it is small beach trips or camping in the mountains, is a normal thing for us. While educating my children about the new normal, I want to try to keep some of the old normal within their lives as much as possible. 

So today, I thought I would take the time to share our tips for vacationing during a pandemic. Thank you to Vacation Myrtle Beach for the complimentary accommodations at Landmark Resort during this time.

1. Be Prepared for things to be closed. Many amenities at Landmark Resort were closed due to the pandemic, like the bars, certain pool areas, the water park, and the restaurant. Many activities were closed, only accepting limited people at a time, or were requiring masks. Many restaurants were closed for dine in. We accommodated this by calling ahead at establishments and asking what their rules were. We brought masks with us in case this was a requirement. We researched ahead of time to make sure the beaches would be open.

The first night, though, there was a 6 pm curfew. Thankfully we had already went to Kroger for some groceries before checking in. The indoor pools were still opened and they included a lazy river (which was closed), a splash pad, a huge indoor pool with fountain, a kiddie pool, and five hot tubs (only one was closed). So we made sandwiches for dinner and headed to the pool. Your own alcohol was allowed as long as it wasn't in glass containers.

On the second night, we did eat at a place called, Art Burger Sushi Bar. The food was so good. And I loved that they had sushi options for kids on their child's menu. The buns on their burgers was a fried tortilla which was such an yummy and interesting idea. We then headed to Sugar Twist which was an ice cream and candy shop. The kiddos loved that.

2. Bring a Mask and Hand Sanitizer. Hand sanitizer was something I brought around in public before the pandemic. In my opinion, it is just a good practice to be in. But be aware that mask wearing, whether required or not, might be a good practice to consider as well.

3. Plan Ahead. Since we had to call ahead for dinner establishments, this meant we had to plan ahead of time during the day. If you are looking to participate in local activities, then it is highly recommended to call and plan ahead of time. Remember that in most areas DoorDash is an option.

We are beach people. We bring everything and the kitchen sink so we can spend all day out there. So activities being cancelled, honestly wasn't a huge burden for us. But if you don't like spending all day at the beach, there were still some activity options available that we saw were open, like the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel.

4. Call food in with DoorDash. We did this on our third (and last) night because not only do the kids love getting food delivered, but it is a great way to get local food delivered straight to your door without having to worry if their dining room is open or getting too close to strangers.

I shared a good portion of our trip on Instagram and it is saved on a Myrtle Beach highlight reel. You can go there to check out video of our room which included a kin bed, a pull down bed, and a full kitchen. We loved the waves and the beach. It so much fun watching people shoot off fireworks at night and searching for seashells during the day. It was breezy the majority of time we were there so the waves would get intense. The kiddos liked boogey boarding, but we always make them wear life vests, just in case.

Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach? Would you ever like to go?


  1. I'm glad you were able to go and enjoy the beach. I've never been there.

  2. I live in SC and have been many many times. I actually prefer Edisto which is a little farther North but more private and less touristy (not sure that is a word) I am glad you all had fun despite the pandemic. :)


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