Support Your Child's Immunity & Gut Health with Little DaVinci

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When it comes to my children, my top priority each day is making sure I am doing everything I can to support their health. Cold and flu season may be coming to an end, but with all the fear with this current pandemic, the Little DaVinci® mighty vite multivitamin couldn't have been delivered to our house at a more perfect time.

We typically use a variety of supplements including elderberry for immune support, probiotics for gut health, and a multivitamin to fill in any nutritional gaps, especially B vitamins and vitamin C. This is a lot of different supplements for my children to take first thing in the morning, which is why I love Little DaVinci® mighty vite. This children’s supplement not only combines these three nutritional aspects but does it all in one powder!

Little DaVinci® mighty vite is unique to other children’s multivitamins because it isn’t loaded with sugar (stevia sweetened) and unnecessary ingredients. Instead, it contains only non-GMO, high quality, evidence-based raw ingredients and utilizes potent formulas along with therapeutic levels of ingredients. The powder supplement is super easy to take - just mix in the recommended amount to your child’s favorite drink or food! What really sets Little DaVinci® mighty vite apart is the additions of certain forms of vitamins so they are effectively used by your child’s body. My kiddos tried it with just water, but preferred it mixed into their juice. You could also make some yummy smoothies with it.

If your little one enjoys taking a chewable, they also have great options for that as well. They offer Immuni-Z. It’s a tasty lemon zinc lozenge that is beneficial for promoting a healthy immune system. That’s something we could all be working on improving right now. 

While children’s vitamin formulas typically contain B vitamins, Little DaVinci® mighty vite includes activated forms of B vitamins, which your child’s body can use more quickly and effectively. It also contains Quatrefolic®, a well-researched bioactive form of folate that your child’s body can use immediately and may help support a healthy attention span. Another stand-out ingredient is CurcuWIN®, a form of curcumin that is 46 times better absorbed by the body than standard curcumin, which supports digestive health, brain function, and a healthy inflammatory response. The formula also contains probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber for gut health, plus elderberry for an immune system boost.

On top of the Little DaVinci® mighty vite, I also enjoy the Calm solution. Its doctor formulated and meant to settle the brain, relax the body, and lead to a good night’s sleep for your little one. It really helps after a stressful day too. This all-natural solution has L-Theanine, which promotes a healthy response to stress. It stops racing thoughts that interfere with a good night’s rest.

You can be confident in this supplement as it was created by DaVinci® Laboratories which has been a doctor-trusted leader in dietary supplements for over 45 years. Little DaVinci® mighty vite was formulated with Dr. Matt Hand, MO, an integrative medicine pediatrician at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. I highly recommend this all-in-one supplement to ensure your little ones are receiving everything nutritionally they require plus much more as they grow to ensure optimal health!

Little DaVinci® mighty vite is available on their website: DaVinci Laboratories Pediatric Products. 

Do you give your child/children supplements? 

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  1. At what age would you reccomend giving your children supplements? My son will be two next Sunday and I am curious as to when i should start

  2. I'm most interested in the fact that it's specifically designed for kids. That would be important to me.

  3. I always gave my kids vitamins with calcium. I fed them a lot of green and yellow veggies. Back then there weren’t that many supplements for kids. My grandkids get probiotics and vitamins. Plus veggies and a lot of juice, but I do like the DaVinci supplement! It sounds like it takes care of more of the kids’ immune systems. I shared on Pinterest, Facebook, & Twitter. Thank you for sharing - especially during this pandemic.


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