7 Tips to Support a Child's Mental Wellness

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My son has been having some trouble in school. It isn't because he isn't smart because he is, but he has been having a difficult time trying to focus. So, I have been working with him to try and pinpoint exactly what his needs are. Getting him glasses was a great start, but some of the problems continued. So, I have been doing a lot of research and thought that I would share my findings with you all in case you are wanting to help support your child's mind health too and help them excel.

1. Limit Screen Time. There are educational apps out there that are truly beneficial to children, but once I started timing my son's screen time and making sure he only spent 30 minutes or less on a screen (television, tablet, video games) at a time, he has been doing better on his homework and paying attention better in general. There are tons of board games and card games that are great to help support memorization.

2. Proper Nutrition. We focus on trying to make sure our children have the best nutrition from the start. New parents will hear about how important breastfeeding is, but what about after that? Harvard Health Publishing has a list of crucial brain foods all children need.

3. An Exercise Routine. Each person is unique and what one person needs is different from the next as far as the different types of exercises. There are many fun ways for children to get 30 minutes of cardio exercise each day. Ride their bike, swimming, jumping on a trampoline, dancing (we love Just Dance on Nintendo Switch), group sports, and the list goes on.

4. Give Them Fish Oil. Fish oil provides two essential omega-3 fatty acids: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). As both are essential fatty acids our bodies cannot produce, it is important that we get them from either the food we eat or supplements. Since the foods that are high in Omega-3 are usually foods that kids don't like, it can be hard to get them this essential fatty acid without a quality supplement. Kids Smart is specifically formulated to assist in providing children with adequate levels of vital Omega-3 Fish Oil nutrients DHA and EPA. These can help to support and maintain healthy brain function, eye health, and nervous system health. They also support learning as well as healthy behavior and temperament in some children.

Kids Smart High DHA Fish Oil Chewable Burstlets provide up to 10x more fish oil than other kids’ supplements. They are free of gluten, yeast, wheat, and dairy. How they are consumed is unique to anything I have seen on the market. The chewable capsule is chewed on until all the supplement is consumed and then they outer portion is throw away. This may be difficult for younger children. My son thinks it's fun. He will be six in March. The first time he tried the burstlet, he was taken aback. I asked him to try them again and now that he uses to them, he does enjoy the berry flavor and no fishy taste. You can also twist the tail of the Kids Smart burstlet with scissors, if necessary. Squeeze the fish body straight into your child's mouth or onto your child's favorite food.

5. Proper Sleep. We are taught in school that we need 8 hours of quality sleep every night, but not many parents know that children at every age need different amounts of sleep. School aged children actually need 9 to 11 hours of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. This is an average, of course. My daughter usually needs more, and my son can survive on less. What helped him the most was when we implemented a nighttime routine again. Not necessarily a certain time that we go to bed each night (unless it's a school night), but a routine so he knows it time to wind down. Get dressed in jammies, brush teeth, read a book, say prayers, and then we tuck them in. No TVs or screens an hour before bed on school nights.

6. Teach Them Meditation. This is something I wish my mom knew about and had implemented with me when I was a child. My anxiety started when I was a child. I had constant stomach pains that my mom wrote off as "growing pains" but looking back and knowing what I know now I know I suffered from anxiety. And unfortunately, I can see signs in my daughter. So, we have started teaching her breathing techniques that seem to be helping. There are other benefits of meditation for children as well.

7. Set Them Up for Success. I noticed my son thrives on his schoolwork when he has a completely quiet environment, that means no background noise. No TVs or even music which was something that I am not use to, but each person is unique and learns differently and that's okay.

Mental health is something that is being talked about more and more. And supporting a healthy brain is important to help set our children up for success in the future.

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What do you think about a child's mental health? What are some that you try to support and healthy brain?

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