Gift Guide Essentials for Work Out Enthusiasts

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My husband and I have been on a lifestyle wellness change for over two years now. Since we are having to learn healthy habits in our adulthood, it has been trial and error on what works for us. The first thing we did was overhaul our diet. Then I started on cardio while my husband focused more our weight training. We both lost 30 to 40 pounds, but then we plateaued. We were able to keep the weight off, but we weren't losing anymore. And then we found CrossFit and it has seriously been a game changer and the best investment in our health we have ever made.

So now we consider ourselves gym nuts. We have also found some products along the way that have been game changers as well. If you know someone in your life who is on a fitness journey, then here are some awesome gift ideas they will be sure to enjoy!

LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller

High Density Foam Roller is great for Physical Therapy, before or after Exercise, Yoga, and Massage Therapy. Foam Muscle Roller helps to relieve Muscle Tension and increase Muscle Reflexology. LuxFit High Density Foam Roller offers superior strength and continually withstands the rigors of any workout environment. Used by trainers and gym owners everywhere for their unparalleled durability at a reasonable price. Perfect for developing core stabilization, lower body balance and stamina. May also be used for gentle stretching and self-mobilization of joints and spine.
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MIER Large Duffel Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

MIER Large Duffel Bag provides spacious storage for all your travel or gym essentials with a large main compartment and several interior and exterior pockets. The adjustable padded shoulder strap delivers the ultimate in comfortable carrying, while extra tough board inside at the base and 4 plastic cushions outside at the bottom help protect your gear on wet fields and in locker rooms.
A good gym bag is essential especially if you are like my husband and go straight to work after the gym. 
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RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest 12lbs-60lbs with Shoulder Pads Option

Add strength training to your cardio workout with the RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest. It helps you gain strength, burn additional calories, and increase your endurance and agility regardless of your activity.
- Increase strength and endurance
- Huge cardiovascular benefits
- Musculoskeletal benefits
- Durability and comfort
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Personalized Jump Rope

Double Under Wonder's custom jump ropes are super-fast, super-stylish, and they don't get lost in the crowd when you're in a group workout. You'll always know which jump rope is yours, and having your own jump rope will take your double-under skills to new heights. Stay on track with a super-fun custom speed rope that's cut to fit your height, designed to fit your style, and ready to workout no matter what life throws at you.
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Contraband Padded Weight Lifting Gloves with Grip-Lock Padding

Although designed for weight lifting, these gloves can be used for a variety of other activities including cycling, yoga, rowing, sailing, paddle boarding and even as work gloves. These fingerless gloves are designed to work on many different surfaces but are most effective on dry dust free surfaces. The vegan amara leather used on the palm is not as durable as traditional animal leather, but it is more flexible and does not suffer from dye bleeding which is common with traditional animal leather. Amara leather is a synthetic so the dye is suspended inside the fiber, simply put, you won't need to pre-wash these to remove excess dye.
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Yummie High Waisted Shaping Leggings

Yummie's popular Rachel legging with mesh and elastic cross over detail comfortably slims your hips and legs while the Yummie Hug smooths your tummy.
- 360° of shaping from waist to ankle
- Breathable cotton fabric has great stretch and recovery
- Hourglass shaped 2-ply signature waistband
- Front waistband curves down to hold in your tummy
- Back of waistband curves up to allow for a lift in the rear
Compression leggings are great for circulation and if you are like me with loose skin, they help contain everything so you don't have to worry about it getting in the way during workouts.
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Funny Work Out Tanks

If there is nothing that brings me more joy, is looking down and seeing a funny saying on my tank top. They make me so happy by providing a little giggle. Plus every shirt I have ever bought has always received a TON of compliments.
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Way2B Way Better Water™ Drink

Way Better Water Drink is powered by premium plant sterols, through a proprietary, industry-first water-soluble solution, which is tasteless and odorless. Plant sterols are clinically proven to provide numerous health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol levels, supporting cardiac health, prostate health, liver function and collagen maintenance. Plant sterols occur naturally in grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, but it’s difficult for people to get the daily, recommended dosage. Each bottle of Way Better Water Drink contains one of the two recommended doses of sterol, providing a convenient way for consumers to increase their sterol consumption.
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BuildLife Gallon Motivational Water Bottle Wide Mouth with Straw

With this innovative timer marker bottle, you can drink the precise amount of water your body needs every day. Inventive time marking system makes optimal water consumption into a fun routine. By staying hydrated, you can revitalize your skin, hair and nails, boost your weight loss efforts and help detoxify your body.
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Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells 40 to 200 lbs. with Connector Options

It’s time to improve your range of motion, add versatility to your routine while overloading your muscle strength with this combo of Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell Set and Yes4All Dumbbell Connector! Our fully adjustable 40lbs dumbbell set features a pair of dumbbells, 4 3-pound plates, 4 5-pound plates, with 4 additional star-lock collars, enabling you to quickly tweak your training weights according to your levels. Made of heavy duty cast iron with black paint finish to prevent rust and corrosion, it can also last for a long time without sustaining any loss in performance. The knurled chrome handle offers a secure and steady grip, so no need to worry about sweats getting in your way of training. Comes with the 40lbs dumbbell set is a dumbbell connector designed to be compatible with 1-inch spin-lock dumbbells. You can use the connector to convert 2 dumbbells into one barbell with ease and vary your exercises. This is a money and space efficient option for those who alternate between dumbbell and barbell exercises frequently.
A non-scale victory for me has been controlling my depression and anxiety thanks to daily activity. Since my gym is closed on Sundays (CrossFit and childcare part), I decided to start working out at home and having a nice set of weights is key for me in my interval training.
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Another great gift idea for someone who has lost a great deal of weight, gift cards to their favorite clothing store. Why? Because they may not know what size they truly are, but are in desperate need of new clothes. So this gesture helps them while not insulting them. Buying some clothes that's a bigger size than what they wear, can seriously damage their mental game. And the biggest thing I have learned the past two years is that the biggest part of a weight loss journey is the mental aspect.

Do you know someone in your life who could benefit from this list? Do you like to work out? What are some of your essentials?

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. This is a great list! There are a couple of things on your list that I never would have thought of! This is one of the reasons I had to pin this!! Unfortunately for people who are disabled like me, I couldn’t use any of these or do a cardio workout ��️‍♀️ I’m going to share this with two of my daughters, who ran in the Chicago Bank of America’s Marathon this last weekend and last year also. They do strenuous work outs to compete in these competitions! I applaud you and your hubby for taking charge in your lives! It’s never too late!! Thank you for sharing!


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