How to Hide Those Timeless Wall Flaws, Finally?

Do you have a few ugly spots or cracks on the walls in your home? If yes, then, we bet you are spoilt for choice as we are going to present a few cracking ideas to help you hide those timeless wall flaws!

How to Hide Those Timeless Wall Flaws, Finally?

Cracked or damaged walls, we all know, are an eyesore that must be dealt with immediately. But, most commonly, people resort to painting their walls to tackle this problem. Painting your walls is just an old trick guy. Nowadays, you have a plethora of ideas to choose from. Like, for example, covering walls with decorative wall panels, wallpapers, and tiling the walls. So, without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s get going and see what’s in store!

Covering those hideous flaws with wall panels

Interior wall paneling is a trend that is adopted by new age architects. Most architects believe that paneling lends appeal and character to your walls. Be it your living room, dining or bedroom, decorative wall panels are the ‘in’ thing when you are thinking about remodeling your walls. Here are the few choices that you can think of when paneling comes to your mind:

1. Wood paneling: It’s one of the most popular types of panels used by homeowners worldwide because of its versatility and graceful appearance. Wood panels bring an instant feel of coziness to a room and are available in a variety of textures and make, like, rustic or sophisticated. Wooden panels are quite simple to install and involve very little care.

How to Hide Those Timeless Wall Flaws, Finally?

2. Architectural wall panels: These wall panels look suave and suit every kind of decor. If your home interior is decked up on industrial lines, or, you have a rustic setting, these wall panels are the perfect tool to bring classiness to your walls.

3. 3d wall panels: Are you planning on saving some money when paneling your walls? If so, then choose 3d panels as these add a contemporary touch to your decor. In addition, these are available at a much lesser price than your wooden panels. Such panels can create a stylish spot in your bland interior without much effort.

Treat your walls with stone cladding

Aside from the natural stone solutions typically used for wall cladding, there exists a versatile alternative in the form of cultured stone options. These options present homeowners with a practical yet aesthetically pleasing solution, capable of mimicking the natural beauty of stone while offering ease of installation and maintenance. The wide collection of cultured stone available allows for customization in design, ensuring a perfect fit for various interior themes from rustic to modern. By opting for cultured stone, individuals can achieve a sophisticated look in any room, be it through accent walls in living spaces or as a stylish, durable backsplash in kitchens, all without the high cost and installation complexities associated with natural stone.

Think of tapestry to hide those walls

If you think using tapestry or textile art to cover up walls is an old timer’s thing, then, you’re e pretty wrong since it’s an art form that is still in vogue and is used widely in homes to add elegance and class. Tapestry can be both old schools as well as a new school. By old school, we mean art forms pertaining to the olden times; while the new school tapestries focus more on modern patterns and textures. Tapestries can hide the flaws of your walls perfectly, and in doing so, add a feel of richness. It’s a good fix for ugly walls.

Vinyl decals and stickers are also quite popular these days, and they come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. To quote the folks from, Vinyl wall decals are die-cut from a single-color vinyl sheet. The design is cut out, and the negative parts are removed, allowing your wall’s paint to serve as the background for a seamless look.

Use coverings made of fabric

Try covering your walls with fabric wallpaper if you wish to add texture to your decor. Using fabric wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular because of the wide variety. You are spoilt for choice when you go for buying fabric wall covers. Also, installing it is easy and can be done by anyone by themselves. These are also available at affordable prices.

Put up a collage of pictures to hide the holes

Picture collage is one of the cheapest ways to cover up the ugliness of walls. All you need to do is collect some pictures of your choice, maybe your family, and then arrange all together to form a beautiful covering for your wall. However, try to get your hands on frames that are sold at dollar stores rather than going to a shop. Try to pick smaller frames as these are cheaper than large ones.

How to Hide Those Timeless Wall Flaws, Finally?

Try wall tiles if money is not a problem

Tiles are expensive, but, nevertheless, add a lot of character to a decor. Most commonly, tiles are used to cover up walls of bath areas and kitchens. This is because these spaces deal with a lot of water and moisture, and tiles are the best way to tackle these issues. A tiled wall looks cleaner than a normal wall would.

Decorate your wall with mirrors

It’s a well-known fact that mirrors offer a feel of a bigger space to a small room, and that is why many homeowners put these on walls as decorations. Mirrors of varying sizes and shapes can be arranged cleverly to hide some major flaws on a wall, and trust us, these will not burn a hole in your pocket. A wall with mirrors creates a magical feel and can become the focal point in your decor.

Hide the dampness with green walls

Walls with vertical gardens are very much in trend these days. Not only does the greenery add a soothing touch to your eyes, but it is also an effective way to tackle the dampness of your walls. Green walls are installed by professionals that give you all the needed info as to how to maintain them. Believe us; it’s not that difficult to care for a green wall.

Cabinets to your rescue

If you have a wall in your bedroom that needs urgent treatment and looks hideous to the core, here’s a simple solution-just move your cabinet or shelf against it and cover up the flaws instantly, and without any expenditure. You can use a bookshelf for this purpose as it will add a cozy feel to your nook and make it very relaxing.

Make use of curtains

Curtains are a good fix for your ugly looking walls. If your wall has a few cracks and unpleasant marks, then, you can cover these up with flowing curtains of different lengths and sizes to form into a colorful artsy pattern. Team the curtains with beads, frames and other artwork of your choice. If the wall above your window bears ugly marks, then hang the curtains from a greater height to cover up most flaws.


  1. Ashley Chassereau Parks4/05/2019 10:32:00 PM

    Our fixer upper had a bunch of holes on walls in each room it seemed. We did a lot of sheetrock repairs, but I do love a good accent wall with stone or wood. I think they bring texture and character to the house. So many fun ideas!

  2. This is so ironic that I am commenting on a subject my daughter and I were talking about earlier! Today was her daughter’s ninety birthday and we went over to her house to help celebrate after she came home from Build-A-Bear and she showed us a couple of rooms that she and her husband remodeled. Her bedroom was one and they used the ceiling to wall tapestry. What was cool about it was it looked like they added another window! Then the wall behind where their bed was facing, they put white long wood panels that added a little ambiance of rustic nature. They added a ceiling fan with dimmer lights. It truly is beautiful and made the room seem brighter and beautiful! And it wasn’t that expensive - just time consuming! I want my bedroom done like that - hopefully someday! This was really pin worthy!! All these suggestions are awesome and very useful!! Thank you for sharing ��

  3. I like these ideas. Even if you don't need to hide flaws, these would be great ideas.

  4. Id love to have a few of these in my house as well

  5. Considering how often I have seen cracks in the walls, I should print this article out and put it in a binder for future reference.

  6. Some of these beautiful decor ideas would look better that any plain wall, whether with or without wall flaws!!


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