9 Effective Ways To Give Your Living Room A New Vibe

Over a period of time, the living room starts looking like a mini store room of the house as every member of the family uses it to place some item of his or her choice and then leave it lying around for convenience. Follow these simple nine ideas to spruce it up.

1. Organize

Thus, the first thing that you need to give your living room a new vibe is to organize the room. Sort out similar items that you have placed there. For example, stack well and place neatly books, seating arrangements, cushions, curios, etc. Place them neatly and not haphazardly. This will immediately enhance the vibes of the room. Declutter it and give it some freedom! Remove all the things not needed. Think of decorating with silk plants.

2. Hang Mirrors

Hang mirrors in strategic places to enhance the space of the living room giving it openness. You could also place them to reflect those beautiful artificial topiaries that you have placed in the living room. Use mirrors to also reflect the natural sunlight entering the room or some beautiful lamps and lights that you have fixed in the room. Create an artificial green wall in the passage or at one corner and reflect it through mirrors.

3. Clear Up Cabinets & Storage

Sort out and clean all the cabinets and other storage spaces in the living room. Clear out the broken unused and old items like books, crockery, other reading material, curios, etc. Give a new life to the storage spaces. Fix drawers on channels; have a combination of open and closed shelves; change the knobs and handles with the contemporary ones; and fix small led lights inside to highlight any decorative pieces that you may have placed inside.

4. Change the Tapestry

After a while you get bored of seeing the same design on the seat covers and curtains. Replace them if your budget allows it. If not, mix and match with drapes from other rooms to give the living room a fresh look. Get some bright cushion covers and place them here and there. Tie them up with laces or ribbons. Change the curtain rods. Throw in some colorful and ethnic tapestry on the back of the sofa seats or chairs. The bright colors and designs will brighten up the room and change the look entirely.

5. Bring in melody

Remove all negative energies from your living room. Hang some beautiful wind chimes and hear the melodious tune change the vibes of the room. You will feel refreshed and energized each time the chime rings out. Play some soft or loud music there depending upon your mood and occasion. It certainly improves the vibes of the room.

6. Light it Up

Allow as much as natural sunlight to creep into the room. It not only gives you that extra light to save electricity, but also kills the germs there. Fix tubes and bulbs on the side walls rather than the center of the ceiling. You could fix a small chandelier there instead. Place lamps at the corners highlighting the colorful and bright faux plants for indoors. As said before, fix lights inside cabinets and shelves. Highlight your prized possessions. See the room come alive with life.

7. Green It up

What’s a house without any plants inside the rooms? Remove the dull and lifeless appearance from the living room by placing a variety of topiary trees artificial and most realistic artificial plants. These plants look realistic, are fire retardant, and 100 maintenance free. These are available in large varieties so that you can choose the flower or the green plant that you like the most. You can even select the shape and size of these plants which retain their sheen in years to come.

Set up a fake ivy wall covering on one of the walls. Bring in nature into the room. Open up the drapes for that bright sunlight. Relax on the couch or the recliner and read a book of your choice. You will get the feeling of being on top of a mountain or a by a lake side. Enjoy the greenery.

8. Decorate it Classy

Hang wall art, photo frames, certificates, and other wall art at strategic places under lights. Repaint the frames, remove the dust, and highlight them with lights to give a new look to the walls. Avoid too complicated designs if you are looking for a contemporary look. Go in for frames with rounded edges and paintings which are ethnic, or hand painted. Use lots of neutral colors with a dash of bright and bold ones here and there.

Change the look of the floor by placing a rug or two and also bring in some comfort and color to the room. Place an aquarium in the North corner. See the fish swim and feel your stress levels go down. Change the placement of the furniture items. A simple change can do wonders for the room. Use a mix of patterns and materials. Break the monotony of the room with same patterns and designs.

9. Reflect Your Personality

Your house is a reflection of your personality. Let your living room reflect the personality of all the family members. Have comfortable seats in the room. You could have a rocking chair for the grandparent, some bean bags for the young ones, comfortable seaters or sofas to relax on them and watch your favorite show on the television. Have a shelf or two with your collection of books and magazines. Place some personalized cushions with the names of the family members engraved on them. This adds the feeling of home and belonging to the room.

When you apply any of these simple ideas, you can also take care of reinventing the walls and ceilings. Remove all patches of peeling paint, oil and hand stains, cracks, and other wall issues. Give them life and see the vibes of the living room come alive. Innovate and give your living room a new vibe. Enjoy living!

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  1. Ashley Chassereau Parks4/09/2019 09:50:00 PM

    These are great tips!! We added mirrors to our living room and it makes it look so much bigger. I try to organize more, but with so many kids the toys seem to take over. Ah!


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