4 Best Party Themes for Your Kid Going into 2019

Another year means another party, or maybe a few parties. Kids can be particular, but with these party themes, you’re sure to throw a fun, kid-friendly party that any child will enjoy. Here are the four best party themes to throw your child this year.

Stranger Things Party Theme

Stranger Things

Season three of Netflix’s series Stranger Things comes out this year, and its popularity continues to grow even among younger audiences. The relatable characters and fantasy elements are perfect for a kids’ party. You’ll likely be able to decorate with items around the house or purchase discounted party supplies, so your party feels like you’re in the show.

When it comes to decorating, you can't go wrong with hanging holiday lights inside. You can even write letters on the wall under different bulbs, or tape pages up that look like the map Will, Hopper, and his mom put together. String together leaves and add black lights to a room, so it resembles the Upside Down.

To get kids excited, have an eating contest! No other eating contest is as appropriate for a Stranger Things party than eating waffles. You can decide if contestants are competing for quantity or speed. You can also do a slime activity to simulate the film left on characters when they come out of the Upside Down.

Costume Party Ideas

Costume Party

At the beginning of 2019, so many people say, “This year is the year of a new me.” With a costume party, kids can quite literally be a new person. Help your child dress up as someone famous or as the profession they hope to be when they’re older. For admission, each child has to do an impression or give a fact about their disguise.

The food can also have its own costume! Decorate cake pops to looks like different pieces of fruit and provide a giant cookie with toppings that look like a pizza. For fun edible glasses, you can bake cookie dough in a shot glass mold. Fill them with milk to make a kid-friendly cookie shot.

For games, have kids write down popular characters or people on sticky notes. Each child then places one on their forehead with looking. They’ll go around the room asking each other questions to guess what name is on their sticky note.

Disney Party Themes for kids

Disney Extravaganza

This party theme is as fun for kids as it will be nostalgic for adults. Did you know that 2019 is full of Disney sequels and live-action movie releases? When it comes to live action remakes, Lion King, Dumbo, and Aladdin are all hitting the silver screen this year. Frozen and Toy Story are also released sequels before the year is over.

Test their knowledge of all things Disney with a DIY catchphrase game. Have the party guests write down as many Disney characters as they can on note cards and put them in a bag. There are two ways to play. First, one player can hold up a note card and have to guess what is written based on clues from their friends. Second, one player has to describe what is written on the card. Regardless of the way you play, see how many correct guesses can be made in one minute. The winner gets to pick which movie everyone watches.

Disney movies are full of fun food ideas that kids will love too. Instead of regular caramel apples, dye the caramel green to indicate the poison apple from Snow White, minus the poison obviously. Serve up Frozen-inspired snow cones or animal crackers in honor of Dumbo.

Lego Party

No matter how old you are, you’re never too old for Legos. Legos themselves will keep children occupied and provide party favors without needing to go crazy. Buy Legos in bulk and let party guests take home a bag full. Set up a large table for the kids to make their creations on. Host a Lego building contest with categories for the tallest, most Lego pieces, and strongest structure. Winners can be given a Lego set to take home.

To make bumpers for the table and keep Legos from falling off, place a plastic cloth over the table and tape it in place. Cut pool noodles in half and glue them to the plastic along the edge of the table. Now, the kids can create their Lego masterpieces and adults can walk around with fear of stepping on a stray Lego piece.

You can make individual Lego cakes for everyone to enjoy when it’s time to eat. Bake whatever flavor cake you desire then cut it into Lego shapes and use colored icing to cover them. Dip Oreos in colored white chocolate and place them on the same colored cake as pegs.

Which theme is your favorite?

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