Nanny to Mommy: Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Bash {Looking for Sponsors}

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Bash {Looking for Sponsors}

Besides creating my own gift guide this year, I have joined an Ultimate Gift Guide Bash. This is a collaborative event I have joined to showcase your products to over 400,000 people. There are 11 bloggers participating, which means when you hire one blogger, your review will be entered in the guide, and then it is shared in the guide. The guide is on all eleven blogs so you have the potential to be seen by well over 400,000 followers!

How would you benefit? Each blogger shares their reviews so all our followers, potential new customers see your products! Please check out my media kit for more info. We are in search of products for the following categories: Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Family, Gifts for Kids, Stocking Stuffers, Gift Ideas for Geeks.

Your product will be seen by 415,236 viewers on social media. In addition to a combined total of 207,113 page views.

Combined Social Media Numbers

Twitter 155,984
Facebook 147,139
Instagram 52,661
Pinterest 59,452

Participating Blogs

Modern Day Gramma
Majenica Writes
Just Plum Crazy
Mom Are We There Yet
Mysterious Ramblings
Mom To Grandma
Nanny To Mommy - That's Me!
Candid Mama
Persevering Momma
A Little Crunchy
Humble Mama Hustle

2017's Gift Guide - Contact Us HERE

Since the holiday gift guide is such a busy time, if you would like a full review to be included in this guide there is a small list of criteria it needs to reach. Product must be retail value of $100+ or monetary value to equal up to that. All posts will be shared on my social media pages. Any reciprocation on the business' behalf is greatly appreciated, but not required. Products will be kept as payment for post. Blogger will not pay shipping. If you would like to provide a giveaway product, business is require to ship directly to winner.

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