Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Speak

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Parenting can be exciting, but it can be challenging as well. Parents influence most of the things their young ones do. When it comes to behavior with your children - whether we would like it to be or not - it usually is a "monkey see, monkey do" type situation. The same applies with speech. Some babies may speak earlier while it may take time for others to start speaking. We did some research and here are some of the ways to help your child to start talking.

Eating your child’s favorite without offering any

If you realize your baby loves a particular kind of food or fruit, it will be easier to use the fruit to teach him to talk. You may decide to get the fruit and start eating without giving the child any of it. As expected, the child will murmur or point at it meaning he needs some. Well, this is the right time to help her learn. You may put the orange away and wait for the bay to make a sign to show he needs the fruit. In case he keeps pointing at the orange, then give it to her or him.

Store things in a tightly locked container

If your child has a teddy bear, you may have a container where you tightly secure it. This will prompt her to speak when he/she needs it. You may also keep the things in another room making it hard for the bay to reach them whenever she wants to have them. It will only make the baby learn to speak but also learn to ask for something. The child will always come for you to open the sealed container or point at it, so you know she needs something. And of course, the child will try to mumble something.

Play Games

Playing with your child is one way of spending time with your baby. You can play games with your baby where the both of you take turns. The games may include pushing a car back or a rolling a ball on the floor. When her/his turn comes, all you have to do is to look at her in anticipation, or he doesn’t respond you may show her the ball and signal her to roll it. Babies learning to speak to start talking faster because they when they play with parents.

Give the baby a slice

When serving food, do not serve her the portion that you think is enough for her to be full. Instead, giver a portion or slice if it is bread, and let her request for more. If the child doesn’t signal you for more, just ask her and she will imitate your sound.


By letting your child imitate your sound and point at what he wants, you are not only preparing him for speaking but for the future also. The baby gets to learn that it is not always he is given all he wants. Sometimes he has to ask for more.


  1. Funny how little ones seem to universally love playing with phones. Makes me wonder what or whom they imagine they are speaking to. LOL

  2. This would also be a perfect time to start teaching them the “magic” words also. They are going to have to ask for things all of their lives! They might as well be nice about it. You are right though! When a child wants something, they will make themselves heard one way or they other. One drawback that I see when they start talking early, is how to know how to make them stop!!

  3. It's so exciting when your baby finally says his or her first word!

  4. These are great tips! It's so cute to hear baby's first words!

  5. Great ideas! Now, can you please write an article on how to get your 4 year old to stop talking 🤣 j/k! I love my little lchatter box💗

  6. I find I say "Use your words" all the time. Communication skills are a must in this world and the encouragement should never stop.

  7. "Use Your Words" is a favorite of mine as well! I love when they are learning to speak! So many adorable moments!

  8. I like the idea to let them as for more food. God way to communicate.

  9. These are some great ideas. It is good to prompt for a response.

  10. My babies turing one and giving as a portion instead of slice is a great idea to help increase communication.

  11. These are good ideas! I think playing games is a great way to encourage communication.

  12. It really is amazing how quickly babies pick up words. These tips sound helpful.


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